October 27, 2010

Nursery fun!

I can't believe I still haven't posted pictures of Lola's room/ Gainesy's nursery. We're about to move Gaines to his crib so I figure there's no better time than now to reveal the new and improved room!

Below is a pic of Lola's bed that she loves oh so much! We have FINALLY hit a point where 1) she'll go to sleep on her own. Yea! Up until now, we would have to lay in bed with Lo until she fell asleep. This could take up to an hour (or more). Now we can take her up, give her a kiss and leave her on her own to fall asleep. It only took 2 years and 8 months to get here but whatever...we made it. Woohoo! Of course, she won't do this without her magical ladybug that projects the stars and moon on the ceiling. This is a "must have" for us! In addition to this, she also started sleeping most of the night in her room. She'll usually come in our room between 4:30 a.m. and 6:30 a.m. What an improvement!!!

Love, love, love the bold animal print pillows that I found on sale at Anthropology (my fav store...my nemesis). It was the deal of the century...such a fab find! The pillows really make the bed fabuloso! Don't you think??? I had the shams made to help pull together the nursery and Lo's bed. I think they turned out great!

Lola is constantly playing with everything on these shelves. Although they can get messy, I prefer shelves over toy boxes. There will be days where every book, doll, truck, etc is spread across the room but it's all about everything being on the child's level where they can see it and use it.

Here is the nursery area. Kind of shoved in the corner. Seems everything with the second child is a second thought....right??? Well, in this case, it was actually the inspiration for the entire room. We used Lola's baby bed and chair but did a complete make-over of both.

I had Gaines's bedding made at http://www.pickleboots.com/ and am thrilled how it all turned out. Please ignore the skirt hanging incorrectly. I have to say I'm a bit frustrated that Clay never lifted the bed. I wanted it to all look just perfect but oh well....I figure at this point there is no point in lifting the bed as Gaines will soon be sitting up on his own, then standing and we would have to lower again so I cut him a break this round.

We used this same chair in Lola's nursery and I had it recovered for Gaines. I found this chair at a thrift store in Dallas for $15 dollars. Steal of a deal!

Another angle....Looking out. Needless to say, haven't gotten much use out of the changing table this round. Not a big fan of walking up and down stairs to change a diaper. So, I decided to make it into a home for all of Lola's stuffed animals. Works great! On the flip side, since I haven't been using a changing table, I usually use the couch to change Gaines. This means lots of pee has sprayed all over the couch more than once....Resolve to the rescue! BTW...how do you avoid this with boys??? I can't tell you how many times I've been sprayed. Fun fun times!

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