August 21, 2009

Happy Friday!!!

Doesn't this face make you happy?!?!?!?

It usually makes me VERY happy to see Lo's beautiful face but this morning was a different story. Lola decided to wake up around 6:13 a.m. bright eyed and bushy tailed. I was very, very very tired and really wasn't in the mood for play time. She proceeded to run around our room laughing and talking. Took everything off my bedside table and kept saying "Here'ya Mommy, Here'ya Mommy". At least she was calling me "Mommy" rather than the usual "Amy". She was also trying to drink/eat all of my medications sitting on the table which included Chloraseptic, Zicam and Sudafed....I had a little cold this week. She then spilled a glass of water all over my book. She was punching on my cell phone and acting like she was talking to who knows who. She kept saying "poopy, poopy" or "tee-tee, tee-tee" as she knows this will usually get me up to change her diaper but not even that would work this morning. I kept saying "Lo, come lay with Mommy & Daddy or go to your room and play". Nope. She continued to stay right where she was. Apparently, she really wanted us to wake up. We finally gave up and roused out of bed around 7:00 a.m. which isn't too early so I can't complain I guess. Fun times!!!

Hope everyone has a good weekend!!!

August 19, 2009

Obsessed with shoes

I have a ton of work to get done over the next couple hours so don't have much time today but thought I would take a quick break and post a blog. Lola has developed a new obsession for shoes. I'm not saying this is a good thing but I have to say she comes by this honestly as I too love shoes. I was just thrilled when I found these adorable shoes at the Gap.

When Lola got home yesterday I was ready to try the shoes on her to make sure they fit and they fit like a glove. Then I put them back in the shopping bag so I could hide the purchase from Clay (he says she has too much stuff...I don't know why he thinks this) and thought I would phase them in slowly and maybe he would never notice. Well, Lola wasn't having that. She threw one of her little fits and kept saying "Want shoes on, Want shoes on, Want shoes on". I tried to put an old pair on her and she didn't want them. She only wanted her new little pink patent leather shoes. At that point, I let her wear them and she absolutely LOVED them. She kept saying "walk outside" over and over. So, we went for a long walk outside and she just pranced up and down the street in her new shoes.

Then, this morning I was looking for her sandals everywhere but couldn't find them. Well, Lo took it upon herself to go into my closet where the shopping bags were hidden, pulled out the Gap bag, pulled out her brown tennis shoes and once again shouted "Want shoes on, Want shoes on, Want shoes on" and she did this right in front of Clay...exposing my purchase. Man, I'll have to work on her there...she needs to learn to be inconspicuous about some things...right??? Anyway, once again, she thought she was "Miss Thing" prancing around in her shoes. She couldn't wait to get outside to try them out. Clay loved them too!

Look how cute these shoes are that I found on my new fav shoe website - I love them! The problem....well, they are $119....Seriously! But, I have a solution, my mom is going to buy some converse and we're going to try to make some ourselves. They will be cute, cute, cute!!!! I bet they'll even be cuter than these...can't wait!Oh, we try not to spoil the little girl but sometimes it's hard when it comes to shoes (and maybe clothes too...I'll save that for another blog)!

August 15, 2009

I'm haunted...

I'm haunted! By the Twilight series. I know I've referenced these books in past blogs and they are literally haunting me. Why? Well, I can't read anything else until I finish them. Oh, I guess this is part of my obsessive behavior. So, I finally finished New Moon last night. The 2nd book in the Twilight series. It was ok. I hear the last two are fab so I knew I had to get through it in order to move forward to the next one. Do you want to hear how it ends??? Well, there were obviously vampires involved and werewolves and Edward and Bella end up back together happily ever after...imagine that!!!

Anyway, I'm alone tonight. Clay and Lo went to visit his parents in Baird. Clay's dad recently had open heart surgery so they went to Baird to check in on everyone and help out for a day or so. Unfortunately, I had to stay back for a couple reasons:

1) I had to run 5 miles this morning. I've really been slacking with my running so I knew I couldn't miss another weekend run. I was so happy to meet three girls that I clicked with wonderfully and we will be true running partners for the next couple months as we prepare for the half marathon. Then, hopefully the full marathon.

2) I have to work. Yes, work on the weekend....Ugh!!! Lola's school was closed on Thursday and Friday for staff development so I had to miss some work unexpectedly. I didn't want to take vaca days so I decided to make up the hours this weekend. I got 5 hrs in today. Woohoo! I'm very proud of myself as it is not easy to force yourself to work on the weekend. I need to work another 6 hours or so tomorrow...then I'll be caught up and ready to start the work week off right on Monday.

Now it's Saturday evening and I'm winding down for the night. I can't remember the last time I had a night alone. It's been ages. Maybe before Lo was born. Well, there was one other time but I was sick throwing up so that doesn't really count. So, what are my plans??? Well, I'm going to kick back, watch the movie Twilight for the fourth time (Yes, I know...obsessive! Did I ever tell you I watched Sweet Home Alabama in the movie theater 7 times...Yikes...obsessive again! Where do I get those from??? I think my dad) and get pumped to start reading Eclipse (3rd book of the series). I'll end the night reading and being haunted by gorgeous vampires and werewolves. I hope to blow through a couple hundred pages tonight!!! I have to say this is a fabulous way to spend an evening.

August 12, 2009

Lo's 1st shiner

1st Shiner! Poor baby girl!
She actually has a little knot on her forehead too but I wasn't able to capture in the photos. She's a tough one!
At least she's still smiling...shiner and all!

Well, Lola has her first shiner. I'm happy to say this did not happen in my presence, therefore, I didn't have one of those much dreaded "I'm a terrible mother" moments. So, who's presence did it happen in??? Well, none other than Mena (my mom), Memaw (my grandmother) and Aunt Bobbie's (my aunt) presence. Hmmmm!!!! Yes, Lo fell straight off the porch with everyone watching. After the fall, when my mom saw Lola's eye, she had deja vu of when I was about 18 months and had my first shiner. Apparently, Memaw was driving me in her car and I was standing up in the front seat when she had to slam on her breaks and I went flying into the dashboard. Boy, how times have changed. Can you imagine having a 18 month old standing in the front seat in today's world??? Anyway, according to their story, there was really nothing they could have done to prevent Lo's fall/injury. It's all just part of being a toddler and I'm surprised it didn't happen before now!!!

I know I'm pretty far behind on my blogs. Once again, things have been crazy around here...never ending I swear. Just 3 weeks ago, I was going to tell you that Lo could say her alphabet from A to F and could count from 1 to 7. How quickly that has changed! She now can say the entire alphabet! It's adorable as she puts so much expression into it when she recites the song. And, she can count from 1 to 10! Wowsers. Crazy how quickly they learn! She can also sing "The Itsy Bitsy Spider" and "Twinkle Twinkle Little Star". She uses the little hand movements on when she sings these songs. She tries to sing "Rock-a-Bye Baby" but this one hasn't been perfected yet. Finally, she sings a very special song called "Lola is a Good Girl". Clay's grandmother, Baba, wrote this song and sang it to Clay and Molly growing up. Here's how it goes:

Lola is a good girl yes she is I say
She will run and holler all the live long day
And when the day is over Lola goes to bed
And sleeps and sleeps til morning just like a sleepy head
Lola Lola is a good girl
Lola Lola is a good girl

Clay and I can even harmonize on this one. We've actually developed some stellar harmony on the Alphabet song too. We're elated that Lo can sing along with us now!