August 16, 2012

Cuts & what nots...

So I promised yall I would start posting some updates on the kiddos. Well, lately, hair has been the big thing.  Yes, hair...even with everything going on:)

Lola has always wanted to keep her "long beautiful hair" as she calls it.  I call it "long & stringy".  I've been begging her to go with me to get a trim.  She went with me a couple weeks ago for my hair cut and while we were there decided nope she didn't want a hair cut b/c she wanted to keep her "long beautiful hair"...again "beautiful" was a bit of an overstretch. in the meantime, she took it upon herself to give Gaines a little trim of the bangs...with ummmm "child proof" scissors I must add...

Long and adorable shaggy bangs turned "dumb & dumber" style bangs (the movie - Jeff Daniels...identical cuts) .

Alright, so lets jump forward a week or two.  I decided it was time to go get Gaines his first real trim at the barbershop to help weigh out the short bang look and while we were there, Lola decided she wanted not only her hair cut but she wanted it "like her Mommy's hair".  The result...

Well, Lola thinks she's a little superstar now (unless she's mad at me and a couple times I've gotten the whole "I don't want my hair like my Mommy's anymore" line & "I want my long beautiful hair back").  Anyway, it is adorable and SO much easier to keep up with now.

Now, lets move forward another couple of weeks to this week.  Well, when I went to get Gaines hair trimmed at the barber, I kind of chickened out and only had them cut about an inch.  I SO love his long curly ginger locks and just couldn't do anymore.  Lately, with the "buster brown" bangs as a friend calls it, the "party in the back" had gotten so long that it was a bit out of control.  I got home Sunday from the lake and decided it was time for a "real" trim.  Unfortunately, I left this in the hands of Clay (thinking he would be super conservative) and he just started chopping....chopping, chopping and chopping, then I tried to fix and all of the sudden I panicked b/c we got this...

Have you ever in your life seen anything quite like this chili bowl-esk hair-do....goodness gracious!  I've been a little devastated but I do know it will grow back.. In the meantime, poor thing....really! 

Moral of the story...don't try to cut your own kids hair!

August 13, 2012

Out with the old, in with the new!

Hello my dear Hola Lola readers!  Clearly I haven't been doing my job keeping this blog up and I've heard many of you voice that you want me to "come back" so you can know what the heck is happening in our lives...lets face, you want to know how the kiddos are doing. I hate that I've let this little diary of my kids go stale over the past few months but once again, I hope to try to post updates every week or at least a couple times a month.

I can't wait to post updated pics of kids and all their happenings but for now guess what....we FINALLY made it into our new house.  It's been a couple weeks of H-E-L-L!!! Packing, cleaning out, packing some always comes down to the last minute and there is still even more to pack...YIKES!  But, we finally got everything packed up, moved and we have survived up to this point.

Good bye old house (a.k.a The Compound).

At the last minute we realized we have too much stuff (really junk) and we were moving to a much smaller home so we took it upon ourselves to rent a 20 foot dumpster.  I never in a million years thought we would fill that sucker but guess what...not only did we fill it but we ran out of room.  This after we also gave away and sent a ton of stuff to Goodwill.  What not cleaning out for over 10 years will do. 

Hello new house!
Ok.  So I noted above that we've "managed to survive up to this point" b/c we still have a LOOONNNGG way to go.  We are doing some upgrades to our new house and they have not yet been completed so as of now we're living in a construction zone.  As of today, we've been in this house for two weeks and we still don't have hot water, dishwasher, washer & drying, stove or oven.  On top of this, much of our shelving, etc hasn't been installed so we can't finish unpacking.  Then, to top it all off, the construction waste and our move in waste got out of control quickly so we had to rent yet another dumpster (yes, that's a different one).  While we had this one, we also had the lot cleared off.

The good side....
Yes, we have a mess but we're still so excited about this house and what we'll end up doing with it.  We did manage to get the inside painted before we moved in and we decided to go with an all white living and kitchen (floor to ceiling literally) ...realize a bit crazy with 2 young kids and 2 big dogs but it is beautiful right?!?!?! We also have our huge collection of books still sitting on the floor as we wait for shelving to be installed in living (maybe this week...fingers crossed). Despite the current mess, we know it's all temporary and we'll soon be settled. Next step is to have the outside carport torn down, paint the outside of the house and then we'll put up another more modern covered patio. I'm really hoping we'll get work start on this next week (again...fingers crossed). We just absolutely love our new little joint and the new neighborhood.  I can't get enough of it at this point and it's all so exciting for us and the kids! Can't wait to keep you posted on progress.

See you soon!