December 30, 2011

An obsession with print on print!

I've always been a sucker for fashion/style and going BOLD!  I love that 2011 brought lots of fabulous trends.  One of my favorites is the "print on print" trend. I feel this is something I've been doing for years but have really taken it to another level in 2011.  Specifically, when fall arrived as it brought the opportunity to layer, mix and match.  Here are some images I dug up of some of my "print on print" looks I've been wearing this fall and now on into winter.  Of course, most of them involve animal print because I'm AP OBSESSED!

Top - Antrhopologie, Jacket - Can't remember as it's literally pushing 7 yrs since this purchase but I actually think it was from Stein Mart, Jeans - Nordstrom (2010), Belt - Target (2009), Boots - Free People
This animal print top is one of my faves which I wear several times a week.  I will mix & match it with just about any and everything!

Top & Jacket from one of my favorite local stores Co-Star.
I'm also a little obsessed with dots...polka dots that is. I have fun mixing this shirt with bright jeans, scarves of all prints & colors and I really love mixing it with this textured "velveteen" jacket.

Animal print top - Anthropologie, Stripe top - Francesca's (2010), Jacket - H&M (2005), Boots - Anthropologie (2010)
I'm pretty much obsessed with this coat which I got at H&M way back in the day when we lived in NYC.  I love that it has a vintage look.  Heck...considering how old this sucker is, it will probably soon be considered "vintage".  Year over year I never look for a new coat as this one is ALWAYS my "go to".
Sweater - Strut Austin (2009), Dress - Emerald's (2009),  Scarf - gift, Green Jean - Anthropologie, Boot - Free People
Believe it or not, Lola picked this outfit out for me. I had to tweak a few things but for the most part, this is her creation which I LOVE.  Do we have a future stylist on our hands????

Top - Maya Star  - local Austin boutique (2010), T-shirt - Fossil, Jean - Paper Denim (2008), Boot - Free People
I pair this top, t-shirt and boot with something several times a week. They are all "go to" items in my closet. Love the boldness of the colors and patterns.

Dress - Urban Outfitters (2009), Jacket - Urban Outfitters (2010), Scarf - gift from several years ago, Boots - Urban Outfitters (2010).

I guess you could say I was having an Urban Outfitters kind of day.  I bought this dress when I first found out I was pregnant with Gaines to help hide the puffy belly.  I kind of forgot about it until last week and it is now another "staple" item to throw on as it's comfy and great to pair with any print or color.

So there it is!  Evidence that clearly I'm obsessed with pairing prints, colors and more.  I will say that one great thing about pairing prints is you can always turn an old piece into a new outfit.  My strategy is to purchase the basics (whether it be dots, floral, animal print or all of the above) and then pair away. And, don't forget....when in doubt GO BOLD!!!

December 20, 2011

DIY bags & wrapping paper

I had a lot of very high hopes this holiday season of things I was going to make for Christmas gifts. Unfortunately, we're now down to the very last week and I'm just not sure how much of it I'll get done.  ARGH!  However, we were able to make these adorable little bags filled with goodies for Lo's teachers.  The best part is we had a ton of fun while making them.  It's just this simple....

canvas bags and glittery bags for the goodies.
You can get a 3 pack or 6 pack of these canvas bags at Hobby Lobby.  This very simple canvas bag has become one of my "go to" items when you need to throw together a quick gift (or a special gift) as there is so much you can do with it. 

The artist!
Then it's time to entertain a toddler while making gifts.  Isn't this the best!!!  In the picture above, Lola is making wrapping paper.  Yes, we made our own wrapping paper this year and it turned out really cute. 

We also added some glittery sparkle and a felt cut out!
At one point, Lo took a break from the wrapping paper and started painting the bags for her teachers.  Each bag was special.  Lola would note which bag the teacher was for and then painted away.  She could not wait to wake up the next morning to deliver her gifts.  The teachers went nuts!  This is a great way to give someone special (the teachers in our kids lives) something special!

Here's another idea for ya....

As a birthday gift for the kids aunt, Tia Molly, we got a larger tote at Hobby Lobby and the kids created a "masterpiece".  I grabbed some fabric (animal print of course b/c I'm obsessed) and sewed the sash but you could use ribbon too. 

Then we made a tag using vintage fabric and sewed it to the inside to the bag.  This way, that special person will always remember who it's from.

Give it a try!  It's fun, easy and I can guarantee you that the person you're giving it to will love it!

Off to Houston for a client meeting now.  Happy Tuesday!

December 16, 2011

Rainbow bright!

I'm all about bright, bright, bold colors (hence the name of the upcoming blog - The Bolder the Better). As I was going through my archives trying to clean up folders, I found I've saved lots of bright images with rainbow like qualities.  Here are some of those that inspire me the most and make me happy!

Art / Photography
living space
Orange slices
Neon bows via Of a Kind

Via The Man Repeller whom I'm Ob-sessed with...
Via Honestly WTF - yet another obsession.

I apologize for all the images where there is no source.  I seemed to have misplaced the document used to save my sources on images...UGH!  Thanks goodness for Evernote now which will allow this to never happen again.  Yea to organization!

Happy Friday all!!!

December 15, 2011

Santa is coming to town...

We've made a couple trips to see Santa this year. The first was this one at Lola and Gaines' International Night program.  Although Lola loved this "Santa" she made us aware that "This was not the real Santa as his beard isn't super white and long" which meant we would have to make a visit to  the "real" Santa too...
Here he is...the REAL SANTA!!! Side note...the polka dot skirt Lo is wearing is a Minnie mouse skirt from one of my old dance costumes.  It has a red sequin belt on the top and also has a tail and suspenders which we removed.  This seems to be Lo's favorite skirt right now. LOVE that she's able to wear it!

On Monday, I picked the kids up a little early from school so we didn't have to fight the torturous lines.  My strategy worked as we walked right up to the "real" Santa.  Lola immediately ran up and hugged him yelling "SANTA!!!". Gaines, at first, gave us puffy lip and cried a bit but then he just gave this stare in which I know he was thinking "Who in the heck is this guy?!?!?!".

Lola had been asking for dresses that twirl and dress up "princess" shoes (ummm...with heels).  We wrote a note to Santa to request these "goods" earlier this month.  In response to this, I (Santa), ordered some dresses that twirl (which includes a righteous petticoat from American Apparel) and the very very tacky dress up "princess" shoes. we're all taken care of right?!?!?!?  Nope because this visit to Santa Lola took it upon herself to change up what she was asking for Christmas.  HUH?!?!?!?  As a super obsessive planner, this doesn't sit well with me.  NOW Lola wants a Ariel mermaid type doll thing.  Damn Disney!!!  Lets just say she won't be getting the exact one she requested (b/c we despise the promiscuity of her attire) but we're on a search for a mermaid type doll now.  She'll still get the dresses that spin but since she's no longer asking for the very very tacky dress up "princess" shoes, I've donated those to a child in need.  So even with the last minute change, it will all worked out.

On our "journey" to the mall (I hate malls btw and the word "journey" but still use it), the kiddos also took a train ride where once again I think G was thinking "What the hell have they gotten me into this time?!?!?!?"...
"Let me out!" thinks G.

And they're off...
Happy Holidays all!  I hope to reveal some of our fun Christmas projects we've been working on soon.  Of course, I still have A LOT to make with very few days remaining. YIKES!  I kind of over committed on the whole "Do it Yourself" idea for Christmas this year. Hopefully it all turns out!  Oh, we should have our Holiday cards done this weekend too.  Super excited to see how they turn out.  Yippee!

December 9, 2011

Through the eyes of a child

The other morning Clay caught this shot of Lola daydreaming.  His quote was "If we could only continue to see the world in the eyes of children".  This photo and the thought behind this statement moved me.  As I went through images of Lo, I found she is often daydreaming....imagining...  To a child, the world is a magical place...they aren't yet aware of all the stresses life can bring or tragedies that take place around the world daily.  Really....wouldn't it be nice to live just one day through the eyes of a child!?!?!?

Daydreaming in the grass.

More "deep thoughts".

Daydreaming by the creek.

Lola was fascinated by this Buddha we found at a park near our house.  She was entranced and in this position for a little while.  I wonder what she was thinking????.
I couldn't publish this post without a picture of our little guy deep in thought.