December 9, 2011

Through the eyes of a child

The other morning Clay caught this shot of Lola daydreaming.  His quote was "If we could only continue to see the world in the eyes of children".  This photo and the thought behind this statement moved me.  As I went through images of Lo, I found she is often daydreaming....imagining...  To a child, the world is a magical place...they aren't yet aware of all the stresses life can bring or tragedies that take place around the world daily.  Really....wouldn't it be nice to live just one day through the eyes of a child!?!?!?

Daydreaming in the grass.

More "deep thoughts".

Daydreaming by the creek.

Lola was fascinated by this Buddha we found at a park near our house.  She was entranced and in this position for a little while.  I wonder what she was thinking????.
I couldn't publish this post without a picture of our little guy deep in thought.

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