November 29, 2011

It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas!

We're in FULL ON Christmas mode around here which is causing me to slack on the blog.  This along with a hectic work schedule and getting the new Bolder blog ready for the new year (Yikes!).  We have so many fun holiday projects going on at our house right now which is causing quite a disaster zone.  Here is just a little taste....

The Christmas Tree!

After a long week of traveling for the Thanksgiving holiday, Lola would not let us go home without first making a Christmas tree purchase.
Gaines' new thing is climbing chairs.  After a few big falls, you would think he would learn his lesson...not so much!


Boppity, the elf, arrived and quickly got a new make over!
The end result!

Holiday projects in the making!

Clay and Lo were inspired by the holidays and made this little village out of construction paper.  Ironically, this little village is also the inspiration for our upcoming Christmas card.  Can't wait to reveal this one.  May be the best one yet!
Christmas antlers.  Inspired by the picture of the cow above.  I actually have big plans for these antlers but this project will have to wait until after the holidays.
Fabric/felt for Lola's stocking.  Will have some other fun fabrics and small-bits for the other three stockings.  More to come on this!

The sparkly stuff!

Tree garland.
Inspiration for a holiday wreath.
Lo and I made these glitter letters which will be fun ornaments for the tree.
Finally, the holiday brew of choice!

This is just the beginning. Lola is beyond excited about Christmas this year which is making this all a magical experience. Can't wait to reveal the results!

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