November 4, 2011

Enamored by...

I'm here to announce I'm sorry I've not been as good this week with the blog.  Work is of course insane (nothing different) and any spare time I have is spent working on getting the new blog - The Bolder the Better (we call it Bolder) up and going.  It's a lot more work than we anticipated but feel it will really pay off.  We have some really unique ideas and I seriously can't wait for the launch!

In the meantime, I realize Hola Lola is suffering but it will be back too.  I have several projects I can't wait to post and of course updates on the kiddos.  For now, I have to jump on a conference call in 12 minutes, so I leave you with some images that are inspiring to me....that I'm enamored by...

Via Kelly Wearstler - Ob-sessed with the chains.  LOVE!
Via Miss Moss bwo Honestly...WTF - The boldness of the colors and patterns in this image are beyond lovely.

  Via The Glamourai - I'm inspired by each and every pattern on these pillows.  Believe it or not, this was the setting / seats for a fashion show. .Love it!
Happy Friday all!!!

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