November 18, 2011

iRetrofone = Love

It took me a LONG time to finally jump on board with the rest of the world and invest in an iPhone but I finally made the big decision to move away from the blackberry and this is a decision I don't regret.  I now want to invest in the iPhone 4 (not 4s)and will likely make this jump this week.  I mainly want it for the flash on the camera since I seem to use my iPhone camera more than our other two better cameras. if  don't feel you really need the iPhone for all the "techy" stuff, here's a reason alone to get one.

Seriously, check out this iRetrofone. This is a charger and a doc. Ummmm and you can even make calls from it.  How great is this?!?!?!  Love it!

Happy weekend all!!!

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