August 12, 2009

Lo's 1st shiner

1st Shiner! Poor baby girl!
She actually has a little knot on her forehead too but I wasn't able to capture in the photos. She's a tough one!
At least she's still smiling...shiner and all!

Well, Lola has her first shiner. I'm happy to say this did not happen in my presence, therefore, I didn't have one of those much dreaded "I'm a terrible mother" moments. So, who's presence did it happen in??? Well, none other than Mena (my mom), Memaw (my grandmother) and Aunt Bobbie's (my aunt) presence. Hmmmm!!!! Yes, Lo fell straight off the porch with everyone watching. After the fall, when my mom saw Lola's eye, she had deja vu of when I was about 18 months and had my first shiner. Apparently, Memaw was driving me in her car and I was standing up in the front seat when she had to slam on her breaks and I went flying into the dashboard. Boy, how times have changed. Can you imagine having a 18 month old standing in the front seat in today's world??? Anyway, according to their story, there was really nothing they could have done to prevent Lo's fall/injury. It's all just part of being a toddler and I'm surprised it didn't happen before now!!!

I know I'm pretty far behind on my blogs. Once again, things have been crazy around here...never ending I swear. Just 3 weeks ago, I was going to tell you that Lo could say her alphabet from A to F and could count from 1 to 7. How quickly that has changed! She now can say the entire alphabet! It's adorable as she puts so much expression into it when she recites the song. And, she can count from 1 to 10! Wowsers. Crazy how quickly they learn! She can also sing "The Itsy Bitsy Spider" and "Twinkle Twinkle Little Star". She uses the little hand movements on when she sings these songs. She tries to sing "Rock-a-Bye Baby" but this one hasn't been perfected yet. Finally, she sings a very special song called "Lola is a Good Girl". Clay's grandmother, Baba, wrote this song and sang it to Clay and Molly growing up. Here's how it goes:

Lola is a good girl yes she is I say
She will run and holler all the live long day
And when the day is over Lola goes to bed
And sleeps and sleeps til morning just like a sleepy head
Lola Lola is a good girl
Lola Lola is a good girl

Clay and I can even harmonize on this one. We've actually developed some stellar harmony on the Alphabet song too. We're elated that Lo can sing along with us now!

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