July 27, 2009


Definition of Germaphobia/Mysophobia: Mysophobia is a term used to describe a pathological fear of contact with dirt, to avoid contamination and germs. Someone who has such a fear is often referred to as a mysophobe. The term was introduced by Dr. Kaitlyn Gallagher in 1879[1][2] when describing a case of obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD) exhibited in repeatedly washing one's hands. This phobia is sometimes referred to as germophobia (or germaphobia, not to be confused with Germanophobia), a combination of germ and phobia to mean fear of germs, as well as bacillophobia and bacteriophobia.

I'm sure you're wondering why in the world I would randomly educate you on the terms germaphobia and mysophobia. Well, I fear that Lola has potential of being one. Oh yes...she is showing all the signs. It's actually kind of funny. Well, as long as it doesn't become a true OCD issue. Anyway, for a while, anytime Lo's hands get dirty (specifically when she's eating) she'll reach out and say "here'ya, here'ya, here'ya" and wants me to wash her hands off. This really happens when she eats avocados as they can get real messy. I would always wash her hands with little wipes but that's not good enough for her anymore. Now, she actually wants to run her hands under the faucet and wash them with soap. Over the past couple weeks, I've seen Lo's need to have clean hands escalate to another level. If we are eating or putting on lotion or just heading out the door to go to school, she'll say "wash hands" and reach up. So, I put her hands under the faucet and then she feels all better.

I must preface, Lola has never been afraid to dig down deep and play in the mud, sandbox, etc. as noted in these pics taken yesterday in the yard:

Dirty girl!!!
Slipping and getting more dirty!
Slipping and now have a dirty dirty bum!
Now, it's garden time!But, the other day when we were playing with the hose, naturally, Lo's feet/sandals got a little dirty. She tried to spray them down with the water hose but wasn't able to get them completely clean as she was standing in a puddle of muddy water. Then she said "Feet...dirty, dirty" and proceeded to head up the stairs, take off her shoes, walk to the front door, went in the house and then straight to the bathtub. I guess it was bath time! She again said "Feet...dirty, dirty" and threw her leg over the tub trying to get in. So, I started running the bath water and got her in the tub. When she got in, she immediately started putting her feet under the faucet and obsessively washed her feet over and over. I wonder if she fears having permanent Safeway meet like her mama has???? Anyway, it's all pretty funny. When we went to school the next morning, she saw her sandals on the front porch and once again said "Shoes...dirty,dirty". Then when I picked her up from school she was playing outside and her shoes were dirty and she wanted them off as soon as we got in the car. She's a real hoot isn't she!!!!! Here's a pic of Lo washing her feet off after her mud fun yesterday:

With this, do you think we have a potential germaphobe on our hands?????

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I miss Miss Lola!