July 23, 2009

Tree swing...no more!

Well, I have some very depressing news. Something that no woman would ever want to admit. But, in order to move forward towards closure, I figured I would go ahead and be open and honest about yesterdays happenings. Lola and I were swinging on our fab tree swing (seen in the "Great father/daughter moment" post on 7/15). As we were swinging along having a glorious time, the swing made a funny noise then suddenly busted out of the tree causing us to fall to the ground right on our bums. My tailbone doesn't feel too good today. Yes, it completely busted when we were swinging on it! Can you believe?!?!?! When it happened, Lola's eyes were wide open and she said "Swing broke...OOOHHH NOOO!!!" and continued to say this over and over. I wonder if she was trying to rub it in my face? Ha,Ha. I know she wasn't intending to do that but I do wonder if the swing busting out of the tree should tell me something???? I mean it can sustain my hubby who weighs 225 lbs but it can't hold me...hmmm...that's interesting. Over the past 6 weeks, I've gone down a size in clothes so I thought I was doing good but the swing has proven me wrong. Guess it's time to really buckle down on the diet and exercise!!!

So, while I have you here and have revealed my very depressing news, I guess I'll go ahead and reveal some uplifting news too. Adam and Brana found out they are having a baby girl! YEA!!! So, now Lo will have a boy cousin and girl cousin close in age. We're elated and are all in high spirits! Brana's due date has also been moved from December 14th to December 7th. Oh, how a week can make such a big difference towards the end.

In honor of cousins, I thought I would attach a couple cute pics of Lola and her cousin Doss. They are so cute together! Doss is 7 months and is growing like a weed. I continue to tell Tia Molly and Tio Ben they'll be amazed by all the wonderfully exciting things Doss will start doing over the next couple months....crawling, pulling up, saying words, etc. It's all too much fun! Enjoy the pics....

Lola and Doss rockin' out with their head phones. Very cool and just perfect for a concert going baby. The headphones help protect their little eardrums when the music is loud.

Uncle Clay and the babies.

We're all taking the babies for a stroll in the wagon. Lola kept stealing poor baby Doss's hat. I swear my waist isn't as big as it looks in this picture. Doesn't the camera add 10 lbs??? Or maybe it's the dress? Either way, I don't think I'm as wide as this picture portrays. Molly was also complaining about the way she looked in her dress...she too thought she looked wide but I thought she looked slim and trim.

Ahhhh...the sweet babies!!!

Lola got on the ground with Doss and Guthrie. She was being very sweet and gentle thank goodness as that's not always the case...she patted him and tried to give him kisses.

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