February 16, 2011

Hello & Good-Bye...will be back soon!

Hello to my fellow blog readers. Work has me a bit bogged down these days so only stopping in to say "Hello" and I likely will be out of pocket for another week or so.

Lo's birthday party was great and we had a great turnout... friends and family came in from all over despite the bad weather around the state. Luckily, it was BEAUTIFUL in Austin for the big day! Will post pics soon....although I did not capture too many moments due to non-stop running around.

Life is still cranking along here in the Odom house. Despite all the drama we've had over the past month, I think we're happier than ever and feel really good about life right now! My work is insane right now...3 big deadlines before the end of the month (which unfortunately is a short month). Even with the long hours, I'm loving my job! Luckily the hard work is paying off as I received word of a nice pay raise and great bonus...good to know I'm not working for nothing and perfect timing as I am "officially" the bread-winner around here you know:)

Clay is working hard to start up his own work gig...YES, giving it a shot...why not!?!?!? He's still playing with his new band and also wants to start a side band to his side band...oh my! I'm hoping to help them and start getting out to do some PR for side band #1.

Clay and I had a great valentines and celebrated by going to see the opening show at ACL featuring Willie Nelson. The venue was great and the show was amazing!

I've been running again which has helped pull off some additional baby weight...YEA! I'm trying to train for the upcoming Cap10K race in March. I'm up to 4 miles so still have a ways to go. I'm suppose to run 5 miles this weekend but my BFF, Ashley, is coming in town from San Antonio (thank goodness as I'm looking forward to some much needed downtime with a girlfriend) so not sure I'll be popping up at 7:00 a.m. Saturday to make this run.

Gaines is doing great and is so adorable...and big! He's still not sleeping so well (we're getting through two bouts of ear infections and two teeth coming through) but he's rolling around everywhere. Although he can't sit up on his own yet, he's already starting to attempt crawling...well pulling. And, he constantly has a smile on his face which I LOVE! He has HUGE brown eyes and his hair seems to be getting more red by the day.

Lola is still my precious Lola! We're going through a tough phase right now...pouting, whining, a little shyness which is causing her not to address people appropriately and then she's also regressed a bit and has now started baby talk, wants us to feed her, etc. I'm assuming this is all natural with Gainesy getting more attention now that he's getting older. But, as usual, we'll work through the phase. She's involved in so much right now...soccer, dance and gymnastics and loves it all. So much fun!

For now, here's a pic of my precious babies that I took with my new phone last week...not a very good one but all I have since I haven't had time to upload pics from the camera. Hey, I'm lucky to be getting anything up and posted at this point. Hope to be back soon!

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