April 18, 2012

It's a riot!

Hello all!  We continue to have tons going on around here.  Work continues to be super demanding and I'm about to go on a three week travel spree...UGH!  The good news is next week I'll fly into Dallas and plan to take Lola with me as she's been dying to get on an airplane again.  Then I'm off to Atlanta.

Lo and Gaines continue to be little riots!  Ha. They're so great but we still have those crazy moments when everyone is screaming at the same time....actually have these more than I would like.  And, our house is still in complete chaos at all times.  At this point, I've definitely eliminated the idea of the third child b/c it is I-N-S-A-N-E as is. Here are some of the happenings.

Lo had two of her girlfriends from school over for a play-date on Sunday (Lord, I never thought I would use the term "play-date"...what has this world come to).  They had a blast...after play time at the house, we went to the park and then off to Home Slice for dinner.

Gaines, Gaines, Gaines....Wow...what a ham...definitely what you would consider a HANDFUL!  He's also a big time snuggle bug.  Not many moments at home when you don't see him in his mamma's lap in full on snugly position...I hear this is a boy thing. His curly locks are really starting to grow....still no haircut and don't plan on one anytime soon.  He also tries to do everything his sister does which includes but is not limited to throwing on tutus, putting his hair in pony tails and wearing tap & ballet shoes around the house. Loved the bow tie picture which was his Easter attire and it was a-dorable!

Lola still loves to paint and we continue to have painting fun several times a week.  Gaines has really gotten into it now too.  Of course, like Lola at his age, he's more interested in painting himself vs. the canvas.  Oh well, it's fun regardless.

Happy hump day!

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