December 15, 2009

Baby Curry has arrived...

Proud parents of baby Curry!

Baby Curry born 12/8/09 - 8 lbs 9 oz / 20 1/2 inches long

Once again it's been a while! I'm not going to kid myself anymore! Basically, between now and the end of the year it will be very hard to keep the blog updated. Just too much going on!! Mainly with work and trying to get ready for Christmas. The worst part is I'll be traveling to Florida toward the end of this week...ugh!!! Unfortunately, this will set me back a bit on Christmas shopping, getting Lo's pics with Santa Claus and everything else I need to get done. This also includes buying a car before the end of the year (gotta get the good deals...right?!?!!?). Speaking of cars...I rammed the Passat into the Sentra yesterday morning at 5:00 a.m...Nice! Luckily no damage to Passat, however, massive damage to Sentra...Nice again!!! Anyway, as usual, I have so much to catch all my fellow readers up on and I hope to get to it at one point but for now I want to talk about the most important happening lately...Baby Curry!!!

I can hardly believe my baby bro now has a baby! I still remember holding Adam when he was just born...I was 6 yrs old. Crazy! Curry is just adorable! Strangely, she seems to look a bit like Lo when she was born. This is strange as we all thought Lola looked exactly like Clay which she did and still does but I guess she has a little of me in her too. Maybe it's the hair that makes them look alike. Curry has tons of it! It's amazing! On Sunday we pulled out pics of Adam when he was a baby and it seems she looks just like her papa bear when he was born. Of course, a baby's look is constantly evolving so we'll see. She definitely has lots of Brana in her too! So far it seems Curry is a perfect little baby...she doesn't really cry and is very laid back. I wish I could squeeze her little cheeks and give her a big Eskimo kiss now.

Under the circumstances (meaning pushing something out of you that weighs 8 lbs 9 oz and 21 1/2 inches long), Brana had a relatively easy birth. I hate to use the term "easy" b/c lets face birth is easy by any stretch of the imagination but apparently four pushes and she was here. And she's a big girl! As soon as my dad heard the baby crying, he was not afraid to peek his head in to the delivery room and say "Can Paw-Paw come in" he didn't!

Overall (you kind of have to use this term when talking about a newborn), Adam and Brana are adjusting well. They both have the natural baby instinct so I guess they have a head start on some of us (like me). It took them a day or two to adjust (like all of us) but it seems they have it all figured out now. Gosh...seeing them go through the newborn stage brings back memories...great memories...hard memories...exhausting memories...irreplaceable memories! Like the first night when the baby comes home. Why do they always scream all night long? Or, the beginnings of breastfeeding. Why does it hurt so much? But then you have those adorable little hands and feet and you can't help but look at this little thing you created and say "Wow...this is amazing!" It's so much fun and has given me massive baby fever!

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