February 25, 2010

Lola "The Performer" in the making....

Good news all!!! You know the story I told you last week about Lola coming home talking about breaking necks and getting into biting fights which I thought was pretty much awesome (sarcasm of course)??? Well OF COURSE it wasn't anything like we imagined. I knew there was no reason to get worked up.

Anyway, the next day I had a conversation with Lola's teacher, Miss Corazon, about her comments. She said that one of the kids in Lola's class, Ace, bit two other kids that day (Lola not being one of them) so that's probably where Lola came up with the biting fight. She said Lola and Edi have had no confrontations! As a matter of fact, Edi is the most laid back child in the class and Lola is their little "Mother Hen" of the class. Whoo...what a relief! Of course, not such a relief for Ace's mom. After I had Miss Corazon nailed down for 20 minutes talking about Lola's comments, Ace's mom got a hold of her and was asking for advice on how she should address the new "biting problem". Poor thing. Guess we don't have it as bad off as others right!!!

Then there was the neck breaking thing. Well, Miss Corazon said one of the older kids was trying to climb on the table and a teacher said "You're going to fall and break your neck if you don't get down from there". She said this is the only place where Lola could have possibly picked something like this up. She was even thrown off by this one. I guess Lola REALLY pays attention to stuff (SCARY!). Seriously...just a real casual nonchalant comment but yet Lola picked it up. Crazy right!?!?!?! Anyway, this is why you should NEVER make a mountain out of a molehill when your 2 yr old makes unusual comments as you never know where it actually came from. These toddler imaginations run ramped! Most of the time I'd be willing to bet the comment/action probably comes from something really simple which turns out to be nothing (like this situation). Of course, I guess it could also come for something more serious which is why you should always ask the questions. But luckily for us this was no big deal. Woohoo!

I also wanted to post this video. I believe we may have a little performer on our hands. In the evenings Lola has been known to randomly pop up, goes to stand in front of us as if she is on stage and then just starts entertaining. She'll go through every possible song she knows and then will start over again. If we try to sing with her we'll get a big "HUSH!". She wants it to be her show and her show only. I've tried to catch it on video several times but as soon as the camera comes on she stops. I was ELATED to get some of it on video this time...I just wish my house wasn't so messy in the background! Please disregard...it was a rough night and I didn't even have the energy to put the groceries up. Do yall ever have those nights???? Well, mine come more often than not lately. Enjoy the entertainment.....

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