February 16, 2010

New doings and sayings

Here's a great way to end the work day and start a grand ol' family evening: You pick up your daughter from school and she talks about breaking a girl's neck and a biting fight. AWESOME!!! You always love, love, love to hear these words come out of your child's mouth. Lovely right?!?!?! So I'm thinking Lola and Edi had a little confrontation at school today but considering Lola is only 2 unfortunately I'm not able to get the real story. Actually Clay was the one who heard the story first and none of it is real clear. All we get is a little something about breaking necks, a little something about biting and Edi, a little something about Miss Corazon (it appears there was teacher involvement) and then a cute little giggle with a big beautiful smile to top it off. What in the world!?!?!? Looks like Miss Corazon is getting a call from Miss Mommy tomorrow. This should be interesting.

We've had lots of new doings and sayings lately. Lola came home on Friday with a big fun bag of Valentine's goodies. In the goody bag was lots a great candy for Mommy and this adorable picture of Lola's class. How darling are these little kids?!?!? It's Lola's first school pic and guess who isn't looking at the camera??? Lola of course. My goodness. Here's what's amazing. Lola can go through this picture and name every single child in this photo and some of them are not easy names. We're not talking names like John, Jane and Sally but names like Amos, Jillian and Weston. I just thought this was craziness!!! How in the world does a 2 yr old do this? I can barely remember my work colleagues names that I've worked with for 7 yrs or my friends kids names (especially when they have more than one) and she can name 23 kids in her class. Kudos to her! Anyway, other than talk about neck breaking, all the kids are really cute and so full of personality.

In order to stay caught up, here are some other doings and sayings:
  • The other day when I picked her up from school she said "HUH....I'm so freaking tired!". I admit...this is all my doing. It's always funny when something like this comes out of Lola's mouth and I'll say to Clay "Where in the world did she get that" and he'll look at me like I'm crazy and say "Ummm...YOU". I guess I don't realize some of the things I say all the time such as "I'm so freaking tired". OOPS!
  • Another new favorite saying of Lola's is "That's crazy". Anyone who has spent any amount of time around Lola over the past month (like 5 minutes) has definitely heard this one come out of her mouth.
  • I also appreciate the fact that ever so often she'll ask "Mommy, Are we going to Target today?" Looks like I have her trained well...right?!?!?! There is nothing wrong with convincing your child that Target is all the bit as fabulous as Chucky Cheese or Toys R Us. Of course, Clay hates the fact that Lo is partaking in "consumerism". Totally freaks him out...I'm so sure!
  • When we're in the car and Lola doesn't want to be in her car seat any longer (which is pretty much the minute we get in the car), she'll try anything to get out. One thing she knows is if she has poopy pants, we'll stop and change her...specifically on road trips. The other day when we were driving home from Dallas Lola said "I have poopy pants and it's ALL over my clothes". It was in a very dramatic tone. Kind of like the scene in the movie "Annie" when the little orphan Molly says "OH MY GOODNESS, OH MY GOODNESS". Do you remember that? Think of Lola saying this statement in the exact same tone. Due to this, we couldn't help but believe her so we of course stopped and got her out to change her diaper only to find a perfectly pristine diaper. That little devil....she's learned to become quite the actress. She just looked at us and grinned. All along I know she was thinking "SUCKERS!!!"
  • Every Saturday morning we wake up and we'll all walk down to Jo's Coffee to get a coffee and breakfast tacos. Now every Saturday the first thing Lola says when she wakes up is "Coffee and burrito" and she continues to say it until we head off. She loves her coffee and burritos! Please note, we don't give her coffee but she does love the burritos which are actually just bean and cheese soft tacos. They are yummy to my tummy! She sits on the chair like a big girl and eats her tacos with everyone. She's become quite the popular child there.
  • At school Lola puts a "Miss" in front of all teachers names so there is Miss Corazon or Miss Alex. Well, now she's starting calling me "Miss" Mommy. It is so sweet when I hear these adorable little words come out of her mouth. She'll say "What are you doing Miss Mommy". Melts me...cheesy I know but I just love it!
  • Finally (for now), new little statements that aren't quite right: She'll say "Take the blanket on off" or "Turn the TV on off" (What kid says this?) or "I need my diaper on off". I love these little statements.

BTW...I'm almost always Mommy or Miss Mommy now. Woohoo!!! I finally have been awarded the "Mommy status" after being call "Amy" by my baby girl for the past 9 months. Yes, that's right...9 months of that. She started this at 15 months you know and I have pretty much complained about it the entire time Clay is now almost always Clay. The good news is that it doesn't bother him. He'll be daddy again soon.

I didn't add the potty training drama to this list but will. I've decided it needs it's own separate blog. For now all I can say is "Lord help me". There has already been one nervous breakdown and I'm sure many more to come. Oh goodness....just the thought of the whole process makes me feel a nervous breakdown coming on ..."Lord help me again".

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