December 8, 2010

One step closer....

As you know, Clay has been working nonstop lately. It's really never-ending for him it seems. Last night was a perfect case and point....Clay didn't get home until 7:00 ish. When he was putting Lo to bed he received a call from a colleague telling him he needs something first thing in the morning. What???? Nothing like last think they could have called a little earlier than 8:00 p.m.???? Frustrating! Anyway, Clay had to go to the office at 9:00 p.m. to get it done. It's just all too much! But, for now, Clay's "day job" is only paying the bills and we hope he'll eventually be able to teach full time at UT and launch his own company again. Well, steps are being taken and several great things have come to fruition over the past couple weeks.

One, Clay is now what they consider a 50% adjunct at UT. This was fab news and a real compliment to Clay that they not only asked him to come back in the Spring to teach but also increased his responsibilities. How he'll fit in the extra hours when he already has no hours to spare is unknown but somehow it seems he's always able to "make it work" as Tim Gunn would say (Yes, I have an obsession with Project Runway...who doesn't!?!?!?). The next step at UT will be Clay getting a full time or more preferably a tenure track position. As of now, there are no openings but maybe in the Fall! We'll continue to keep our fingers crossed for the big breakthrough there.

Second, a piece of Clay's furniture was chosen to be in the Rough Cut: Furniture Design in Austin, TX event - Hosted by IDSA Texas Chapter+ IDSA Furniture Section. This is HUGE for Clay! Challenge...the piece chosen is not yet complete. So, Clay and his compadres are trying to pull it all together and get it done this week....calling it a little close considering the event is this weekend. Here's some additional info:

Such a proud moment! This is a real honor for Clay and a great opportunity for him to get additional exposure. All of our friends are set to come out to the event to see Clay's furniture debut. So good to have such great support from everyone. Especially Adam and Eddie who are working hard this week to help Clay get the piece finished. This also means a child-free evening with adults on Saturday night. YEA...bring on the babysitter!

Finally, Clay received a call earlier this week from an old friend in NYC. Her job is relocating to LA so she's decided to take advantage of the severance package and open a wine bar. Why not right?!?!? How fab would that be?!?!?! Anyway, she reached out to Clay to help with the concept and design of the bar. Should be a great project!

Right now Clay feels like he needs to pinch himself. All of this is just getting him closer to what he really wants to do! More hours but it will all be worth it in the end! I'm very proud of him and glad to see all his hard work starting to pay off.

P.S. I let Clay take a shift with Gainesy boy last night...actually he insisted. Felt good to get 3.5 hours of straight sleep....AAHHH... With that, I'm basically fully rested today...pretty sad that 3.5 hrs gets me there. Oh how I long for the days of 8 hrs sleep. Of course, haven't had that since before I was pregnant with Lola. One day it shall come again...or are those days over???? TBD!

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joyrope said...

lHooray for Clay!!!! Hard Work Always pays off!!! Yes! Stay POSITIVE!! Love Y'all. Mom