December 23, 2010

Merry Christmas to all...

I've been blowin' and goin' and have barely had time to stop and eat lately (this is a good thing when you're still trying to lose baby weight). But, I wanted to quickly get Lo and Gainesy's Santa picture up before the holiday. Lola had an absolute blast seeing Santa...I basically had to peel her away from him to leave. She told Santa "Some of my friends cry when they come see you but I'm not going to cry. I'm a big girl". She also said "Santa, I want a baby doll for Christmas. Where is my baby doll?" She thought Santa would have her doll for her right there and then. It was very cute and I love that she is having so much fun during this holiday. Of course, our big gift from Santa Claus was a guitar for Lola...Not a toy guitar but a real mini guitar so she can play with her daddy. With her request for a doll, we had to make a last minute baby doll purchase to come from Santa.

Anyway, we've had a great holiday so far which of course included Christmas tree farm, visiting Santa, riding the holiday train and the best moment was the The Rockettes Christmas Spectacular! We still have plans to go to Downtown Dallas tomorrow to observe the always fab Neiman's window. I've actually already seen it on one of my trips to Dallas and I think Lo will love it. We're also going to North Park to see the trains which I think Lola will really love this year. And, I have to do some last minute shopping....YIKES!

Everyone have a wonderful Christmas and a Happy New Year!

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