March 11, 2011

Must Haves!

I feel like I really need these for the Spring....How great are they?!?!? LOVE!!! Plus, with these, I wouldn't have to get the "much needed" pedicure. Must find a similar pair that cost less than $340 which is how much these shoes are from Vena Cava! I found them through Pretty Mommy ( of course. She has the best eye for the best goods that fit right in my comfort zone when it comes to style. LOVE her!

I would also love for Lola to have this from Stella McCartney's Spring line:

How adorable would the little jumper look with her yellow Stella rain boots! And, yes, Lo did end up getting the rain boots. A birthday present from Mena and PawPaw. She wears them with everything daily and they are all the bit as fabulous as I would hope they would be...and more!

As for Gainsey, I must get him this little tie tank (a.k.a. wife beater....I shouldn't have said that really?!?!?!) along with these gingham shorts from Little Bean ( Luckily, Little Bean is on my list for a quick stop by next week while in Dallas.

I could and would also pair the tie T with Gainesy's Charlie Rocket jeans which are ADORABLE!!! I also love the Charlie Rocket plaid pants below....can't get enough plaid for this little baby. Charlie Rocket is hands down my favorite obsession for the little man right now!

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