March 30, 2011

This one is for all of us "less-thans" out there...

So here it goes again...I'm about to tell you how I have no time. Well, let me stop myself now and save it for another day (maybe I should just name this blog "No Time" rather than "Hola Lola"). With that said, I have no time...ugh. Still trying to find!

I did find time to read this article which a friend recommended I should "immediately" read. I took her advice and immediately read it and loved every minute of it. I could go on and on with quotes from the article but I just hope everyone out there who feels like they never have time for anything will read it goes:

She starts the article off with a bang saying all of us who aren't "better-than-average" homemakers are considered "less-thans". I love this! I'm a "less-than" and I'm damn good at it! She also notes a quote from a friend of hers which is "Specialization is the key to appearing competent." This is genius I tell ya! She recommends to find four things that your really good at and stick with them and people will think your "snazzy". So, what are my four things?!?!?.....hmmmm....well, I'll have to think on that a bit further (when I find time).

So much going much to much to tell. But, I sit here at 11:09 pm typing this blog as I take a mental break from work. I can't wait to update yall on the "whys" and "whaas" going on in our house right now....hopefully early next week. Also, the new fashion line I'm launching. Oh yea...I just busted out with that. Using the word "line" after "fashion" may be a little extreme BUT I am busting out with the sewing machine and trying to teach myself how to make some fab dresses, shorts and skirts. Why not? Well, maybe the time thing is an issue but beyond that...why not??? Think tacky floral fabric turned into a fabulous pair of shorts which in turn makes the fabric no longer tacky but brilliant! Well, at least this is my vision. I've had muchos inspiration from various sources, people, places and just decided to go with it! More on this later....hopefully...if I ever actually complete a piece.

Anyway, have to run now but not without leaving a few pics for you. I have so many great ones on my camera but haven't had a chance to upload them (Clay has hijacked our laptop). I took these pictures tonight on my phone. I just got back from a quick trip to Dallas earlier this evening. I only had time to briefly stop by my parentals on the way back but promised Lola I would bring her back some of my barbies. I couldn't find the barbies but I found so much more....

One of my fav finds was some of my old dance costumes. Lola immediately put them on and was shimmy-shim-shimmin' around the house. She LOVED it! And, this is an understatement. Perfect timing as Lola's first dance recital is coming up on May 7th. YEA! Now, I love my little guy more than life but I tell ya...this is one of many reasons as to why I love my little girl so much! All the frills, fun and more!

This is a little dress I found that my mom made for me when I was about Lo's age. It fits her perfectly! If you look close you can even see that my mom monogrammed the pocket with "Amy" in cursive. Lo will be wearing this all summer regardless of my name being on it. LOVE! My mom has said so many times that when I was Lo's age, she made all of my clothes. I would love to be able to do that and maybe I'll attempt it while I have the sewing machine out working on my "fashion line". In the meantime, my mom is in the process of making Lo and Curry some cute little outfits. I also want her to make Gainesy some shorts, pants and rompers. More on this soon I hope (MOM, get to it ASAP!).

And, the dolls! Dolls, dolls and more dolls! I found LOTS of dolls. Clay's first comment was "This is a little much don't you think?" Considering the fact that I brought 10+ dolls home, I guess this was a reasonable comment. He went on to say "It would have probably been more special for her if you would have just brought one.". I told him "Oh trust me...I didn't even BEGIN to bring all of them...there are enough left to where I could bring one back for the next 30 trips!". Anyway, despite what daddy-bear said, Lo LOVED the dolls and played dress up with them all evening. She even started naming them. So far we have Kouncy (bouncy with a K), Gelove (pronounced Gel-love) and Pipit. I'm sure she'll come up with some other great ones for the rest. Can't wait to show you the pic I took of Gaines posted up right in the middle of all these dolls. A-DORABLE!

Of course, Lo had to go to bed with ALL the dolls. She kissed them all good night and then said "Mommy, I love my dolls. Thank you so much!" and she was so sincere. It was too sweet. I bet when she comes in our room tonight at about 2:00 a.m. she'll try to haul every single one of these dolls in bed with us. Not sure if we'll all fit:)

Gots-to-go! Time to get back to work. AND, it sounds like I just heard the little man wake. One down at least three more wake-ups to go! Thankfully, I no longer need sleep and seem to function perfectly well without it these days!

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