April 1, 2011

Music, music and more music!

I get flutters in my belly just thinking about the upcoming music frenzy we have on our calendar for April....Woohoo! After seeing Willie for the opening show at ACL and then all the great music at SXSW (which included but not limited to Dom, OMG, The Kills, TV On The Radio, etc at the Spin party - other highlights were Middle Brother, The Felice Brothers and Bright Eyes - phenomenal line-up!). With that said, lets face it, we really shouldn't spend muchos dinero on all the music adventures we're about to embark in but as Clay puts it "We need the music in our lives to remain sane!". So, we choose to invest in music and feel good about it as this is something that won't go away or something we won't get tired of and throw out one day...the experience...the memory...it will always be with us. We don't spend much money on anything else so why not! Here's what's to come....flutter, flutter, flutter in the belly, belly, belly....First up on the calendar! The new fav men in my life....flutter, flutter, flutter....my obsession right now...

Yes, my friends...Band of Horses...LOVE! They are here April 12th! BE-YOND excited about this show. We're going with a group of friends and literally CAN NOT wait! Flutter, flutter, flutter....

Next up!

This festival is said to be as good as ACL. I guess we'll find out soon if this is a true statement! I'm most excited about the Avett Brothers on Friday night. To make this festival an even more exciting experience, we're taking the kiddos and camping. I think they'll love it as much as us!

Then, our little camping extravaganza at Old Settlers will prepare us for this...the big one....flutter, flutter, flutter says my belly...

Featuring none other than Mumford & Sons, Edward Sharpe & The Magnetic Zeros, and Old Crow Medicine Show. And, here's the best part about this one....we get to see them twice! First off, we're driving to Marfa the weekend of April 23rd with some friends (Happy 10 yr anniversary Amy & Clay...a gift to ourselves for surviving), camping and will enjoy this fab music that once again will make my belly flutter, flutter, flutter! Then, we'll come back to Austin and see them again. Can you ask for anymore! The answer is NO.

Well, maybe. Because here's the big one...the one that will likely make our year. Are you ready?!?!?!?On April 30th, Arcade Fire (our other obsession right now) with Explosions in the Sky at The Backyard. Enough said! Right?!?!?!?

Now, we're just hoping that the big surprise featuring band for ACL will be Radiohead(please, please, please!!!). If that happens, then this will be a musical year that will be hard to top! Keep your fingers crossed!

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