April 8, 2011

My head is spinning...

I have so much to say (imagine that)! I don't even know where to start with this particular blog (and I'm not sure where it will end up at this point but I guess that's what blogs are all about right?!?!?). My head spins just thinking about it. SO much going on...exciting stuff too!!!

When I wrote the first blog of the year and titled it "Our last days in 2010...ready to go into 2011 with a BANG!", I didn't envision starting off 2011 with the "bang" that we started it off with i.e. Clay losing his job. BUT, it turns out this was the best thing that could have happened to us. I remember thinking, saying and writing that I hoped it was a "blessing in disguise" and so far my hope has come true. Now, we feel like we're truly following all our dreams and aspirations and doing what we've always wanted to do. Clay is inspiring me and I'm inspiring him (I think) and we're just going for it...for all of it! Clay and I (along with Lo & Gaines) are truly in a happy place...a phenomenal place actually. I can't remember being happier and feeling so good about life! I love this! With that said, I'll have to take all that is going on one blog at a time in hopes that I can find time to keep posting blogs to keep all my fellow blog readers up to date....SO much! But where do I start now....


Should I start with Clay's company, the journey (Clay's most hated word) to starting up and building a business again and all the possible projects looming?!?!?!?! Projects and opportunities of all sizes...small, medium and large. We truly didn't expect for this to all hit so quickly. Some projects that would keep us set and above water for a month, some that would keep us set for a year and some that would keep us set for three years. So much is happening and on the "cusp"... Clay is also in the process of setting up his website...it's almost there. And, I think I've convinced him to set up a Studio-Modo FB page (despite his fear for social networking). And, I'm still working on convincing him to start a Studio-Modo blog. Clay is so good at what he does plus he always has so many thoughts whether it's about architecture, art, movies, music, fashion, nature, kids, politics, etc...he always has something to say and something he's emailing me to look at. He DEFINITELY needs a blog to show the world all that he's inspired by and sometimes not so inspired by. Maybe another day as there is a lot to say here!

Or, should I start with our upcoming trips including Marfa (which I mentioned in my last blog post), Miami with friends for my birthday (YEA!), the summer time excursions to the lake with friends (CAN-NOT wait despite post-preggers bod) and the possibility that we'll be spending a month in ALASKA (one of the most beautiful parts I must add) in August (YEA again)! Ok, ok,ok...need to settle down and save this for another blog too.

Or, what about my fashion "line"...SOOOOO EXCITED...I have all my inspirations (mostly from my closet and my favorite vintage stores...more to come) and thoughts on paper (which mainly include all those things I can never find in stores but that I want to find in the stores) and fabrics purchased. The first item is being made this weekend thanks to my neighbor/friend Ari who will be showing me the sewing ropes (YEA again again)! I really think there is something to this whole fashion "line" thing. I'm not saying to sell (at least not for now) but for myself and maybe someday (hopefully sooner rather than later) this will transition into something more as I've always had a passion for fashion (which even includes my own boutique that Clay has been begging me to do for years) but I'll wait and save this one for another blog too.

Or, what about our love for Austin...a love that continues to grow a daily basis. Living here is truly an amazing experience! I wasn't sure we'd ever be able to top our living experience in NYC but living in Austin, I sometimes feel like I should pinch myself...this is my "real" life and this is where we "really" live. Even yesterday evening, a simple walk down South Congress with the kids for First Thursday was just filled with so much excitement, groovy people, amazing conversations, art, music, great food, etc. I LOVE that we can walk out our front door and have this experience any day of the week. Another blog.

Or, all of our friends that we've made and continue to make and all the very special relationships that continue to develop. I feel like we're constantly surrounded by people we love and that love us and our kids....another blog.

Or, my job....although I've been working A-TON...so much opportunity and things to come for me I believe...another blog!

Or, baby weight and post-preg bod...specifically one where I gained 45 + lbs and had the baby 5 weeks early. Is the weight gone!?!?!? More to go,tone,etc?!?!?! Well, of course, I'm a woman...isn't there always more to lose and tone?!?!?!?! Definitely for another blog!

What about my New Year's resolutions....read more, run more, love more, want less! How's that going? End of the first quarter is always a good time for an update on New Year's resolutions right?!?!?!? Another blog.

Things I love and more "must haves" (even though I am to "want less" the "must haves" don't necessarily have to be for myself)...another blog...

Or, what about these adorable little beings that live with us?!?!?!? OMG...to die for! I fall more and more in love with them every day. You know what....this sounds like a GREAT place to start...BUT I don't have time today to go into all going on with these little "nookies" as I like to call them! So, why don't we start with Spring! YEA! Spring has arrived and I'm loving it. With that, I just uploaded 401 pictures and 20 videos from my camera (all from only the past 2-3 weeks). It was too hard to sort through all of the pics and figure out what to post so once again I'm posting some I took from my phone last weekend. Hopefully I can get some of the 401 pictures uploaded to the blog next week. In the meantime, here are some pics of some of our "Spring Time" fun or what Lo called our "Garden Day" as we were planting flowers and trying to get our yard "Spring Time" ready.

It's all about the sandbox this Spring. Lo LOVES it! She's in it every afternoon after school. Gainesy also loves it but tends to love it for different reasons. Lo loves it so she can dig, build sandcastles and anything else her little imagination can come up with. Gaines, on the other hand, loves to eat the sand and leaves. He actually goes nuts over it...and then throws it up of course. Nice!

Lo is SO excited that she can FINALLY put on her bathing suit and play outside. She's been asking for no less than 45 days. Now, she can put it on, play in the sand, play in the water, play in the mud and whatever else she can get herself into. She's looking forward to Barton Springs and talks about it pretty much everyday. I think this is the year where I'll probably start her in swimming lessons too. I need to start looking into that asap!

The wagon is another thing we use on a daily basis. This was a gift from Santa Claus (also known as Mena and Pawpaw). Like the sandbox, we use the wagon daily. We'll even load the kids up and walk to South Congress or 1st street in the wagon. And Lo loves to pull Gainesy around of course. It's a real hoot!

My little guy smiling away as usual. He also had a ton of fun in the sun. Gaines loves being outside as much as his sister does. Now it's nap time. He just plopped on down and took a nap outside. Why not...the weather was absolutely beautiful! I hope this means he'll be a good camper?!?!?!? This picture was just too cute not to have a close up. My goodness....my heart is melting! It's FRIDAY! Everyone have an awesome weekend!!!

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