April 14, 2011

The OUCH day...

Yesterday was what I like to call "The OUCH day!". You know...one that's encompassed by a horrible headache and tiredness due to staying out too late and maybe having a few too many the night before. Yep...that was me yesterday...full of OUCH!

When it was time to get up, I just couldn't force myself to do it. You know that feeling??? Clay finally said "Amy, There's no point in delaying the inevitable." Unfortunately, he was right. So, I toughed it out and just got up...OUCH! On top of this, Lola was in a major SOUR mood. Actually, this is a huge understatement considering the torture she put us through. She was FUSS-A-LISH and screamed all morning...literally!

It all started first thing. When Lo woke up, she wanted to stay in bed. Trust me, I completely understood that feeling as I felt the same way. Once I got her out of bed, she was full of whines, screams, yells, etc. This did not help my head AT ALL! I don't even know how we got clothes on her. We finally had to just put her in the car screaming crying in hopes this would calm her down...it didn't. Finally, I said "Lo, Do we need to call Dr. Mirrop and make an appointment?" ...I was thinking she may have an ear infection....surely this was the reason for the massive fit. Anyway, Lola wanted me to call Dr. Mirrop to make an appointment because "She had a fever and was sick" as she put it. So, ONCE AGAIN, I dialed Dr. Mirrop's office to schedule an appointment. As soon as the appointment was scheduled, Lola was fine. Just knowing she was going to see Dr. Mirrop at the end of the day made her feel all better and I finally got her off to school.

When it came down to it, considering we're at the doctors office almost every week (Last week Dr. Mirrop jokingly yet semi-serious said to me they are now receiving our mail), I couldn't bare to take Lola because she seemed fine. But, she kept telling me she didn't feel well so what does a parent do?!?!?! I couldn't tell if she really didn't feel well or if she just wanted to go see Dr. Mirrop. All kids LOVE Dr. Mirrop. I mean, have you ever heard of a child asking/begging to go to the doctor???? Well, this one does constantly and it's because of this guy...

Introducing Dr. Mirrop!

I'm sure he would really appreciate me posting his pic on my blog:). Anyway, as we were heading toward Dr. Mirrop's office, Lo and I talked a little bit about telling the truth and what a fib was. After explaining all, I asked her again "Are you really sick?". Of course the answer was once again "Yes. I need to go see Dr. Mirrop." Needless to say, she completely didn't get the whole truth vs. fib conversation so I abandoned it all together. Finally I did what every upstanding parent would do...I said "Lo, you have a choice. If your really sick, we can go see Dr. Mirrop. But, if you're not sick, we can go get an ice cream. So, what's the decision?" Well, guess what, it turns out Lola wasn't so sick and an ice cream would be just fine. So, off we went to Amy's Ice Cream (to help make Lola "feel better") and we also slipped into American Apparel (to help make Mommy "feel better"). Gotta love age 3!

Even with the OUCH day, Tuesday night was well worth it. Band of Horses ROCKED out and I'm even more obsessed with them. GOT - TO go see them again asap! I even enjoyed the Kings of Leon show. We also had a great time with friends. I was totally bummed I forgot my camera but Clay took a picture of us in front of the Kettle Corn stand...Random Huh??!?

Here we are (Kristen, Me of course, Erika and Soumya) ready to rock the Band of Horses show! Love all these girls (and their fabulous significant others). You really and truly couldn't find better people. We're very fortunate to have met them and have them in our lives!

Speaking of...LOVED this t-shirt Keith (Erika's hubby) was wearing. Looks like Clay as a baby...as a matter of fact...is this Clay??? I told Erika she has got to get me one. How cute would this tee look with my groovy skirts and shorts I'll be making?!?!?

BOH in the house. LOVE!

Anyway, we survived the day. Here are some pics of the little ones from yesterday evening...

This is where Gaines sits every evening when we're cooking dinner. He loves to look out the window and throw everything off the counters.

Here's Lo acting goofy when she was suppose to be eating dinner. Absolutely nothing out of the ordinary.

Gainesy is getting some floor time. We try to give him a lot of this before going to bed in hopes that he'll sleep good. Speaking of, we finally have him sleeping until 3:00 a.m. AND, after that wake-up, he typically doesn't wake again until 6:30 or so. YEA! He's also VERY close to crawling (he has a gorilla crawl now) and is pulling around everywhere. I'll have to catch it on video and post it...it's real cute!

Starting to get PRET-TY pumped about my sewing class tomorrow!!! Decided to hold off finishing the skirt until I learn how to sew a straight line....Ya think?!?!?! Did I tell yall, we're making a tote in our class tomorrow. SEW excited! Can't wait to catch you up on all the detail smetails!

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