April 20, 2011

A tote and a skirt...

I've gone and done it! I made my first pieces!!! That's plural you know! Can you believe it???? I'm more excited than ever about my sewing and what's to come from this whole venture. I now present to you a tote and a skirt.....

There they are in all their glory! YEA!!!

I made the tote in my sewing class this past Friday at the Stitch Lab. I like to call this class a "Life changing experience!" and I let the sewing instructor know that. I couldn't believe I actually finished this tote...and it looked good...really good actually! It even has a lining and a pocket on the inside. SERIOUSLY...I did it!

My adorable sister-in-law, Brana, loved it so I gave it to her. It felt good to give my first completed sewing project to someone very special and I know it will be in good hands and will get lots of use from Brana!

Now, onto the skirt. Well, I started from scratch AGAIN! After the class, I immediately came home and started sewing away as I was all pumped up on sewing adrenaline. And look....I figured out how to sew a straight line.

Once I figured out how to construct the piece and what was wrong with my machine, it made sewing the skirt much easier. Go figure!!! With that said, I was still trying to put the skirt together without using a pattern (and with a toddler and baby running/crawling/pulling all around me) and lets just say I found out the hard way that you need more than 2 inches on each side to make the skirt fit. I cut the skirt a little small (maybe it was hopeful thinking that I was actually that small...not so much!) and we had to add in an additional piece of fabric on the side. It was like project runway in this house Friday evening. Clay and I were working together to "Make it work!". I think it turned out fabulous even with the minor mistake.

I must say I'm VERY impressed with myself for making these first two items....all on my own!

I'm taking another class on 5/15 that will teach me a little more of the technical aspect of sewing and I can hardly wait. The anticipation is already rolling in my belly. Once I get through that class, then I'll start with the big stuff. In June, I'll be taking a three series class which will teach me how to make a dress from a pattern. Woohoo!!! By the end of June, I'll be making clothes for myself, friends and everyone in the family. Get ready for the next big fashion "line" (I'm only semi-serious about this of course)!

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