April 21, 2011

Two peas in a pod

Growing up I always dreamed of having cousins close to my age. I have great cousins but they are all significantly younger than me (by 10 years). I'm so glad Lola and Gaines not only have each other but they have cousins that are very close in age and my hope is they will only grow closer as the grow older.

We try to see my family and Cousin Curry every couple weeks. It's crazy how quickly they're all growing up and changing. And, now, how they're communicating with each other. Lola LOVES Curry! She talks about her all the time and always wants to go see her. When they're together they're like two peas in a pod. Everywhere Lola is then Curry will be following close behind. It's adorable! Attached are some pics of the girls (and Curr-Bear and Gainesy) last weekend.

Curry and Lo got a new car to tool around in at Mena and Pawpaw's house. Lola was toting Curry around everywhere!

Although the pool is still too cold to swim, the girls put on their bathing suits and ran around the yard. We attempted to get a cute picture of them standing in front of the rose bush but that didn't quite work out.

Love the tutus!

And, of course, Curry following Lola. It's like they have a string attached to each other. Love it!

We also dyed eggs and had an Easter egg hunt.

Curry and Gaines are only 10 months apart in age. If we decide to start Gaines in school early, they would be in the same grade. But, no fear, because if we decide to start him late (which is more likely) then he'll be in the same grade as his future-cousin-to-be. Yep! Aunt Brana (a.k.a Beans) is PREGNANT! Yea!!! 12 weeks now. We should know the gender soon. I'm really hoping for a boy so Gainesy can have a little partner in crime!

Curry & Gaines playing in the yard. Yes, he's as big as her even though he is 10 months younger.

Watch out Curry....Gaines is going for your bubbles!

Head bop. They both came out of it fine!

We always look forward to more weekends like this!

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