April 28, 2011

Is that me?!?!?!?

Alright. It's time to get down to business. Do you ever look at yourself in pictures and think "Wowsers. Is that me?? I thought I looked a bit better than THAT!" Well, that's been my experience lately and I've found myself spinning into post-pregnancy blues. But wait!!! Can you really use the whole "post-pregnancy blues" excuse when your baby is nearing 9 months??? Probably not considering they say "It takes 9 months to put it on and 9 months to pull it off". Hmmmm!!! Well, I have pulled it off...so I thought...or at least that's what the scale says...and my size...but pictures...not so much! I'm actually 8 lbs lighter than I was at my 8 week appointment (a.k.a first pregnancy weigh in). Not bad considering I gained 45+ lbs and Gaines was 5 weeks early. But, if you remember from past posts, I had gained 10 lbs prior to that appointment so I guess I have a few more to pull off...like 20 more to reach my goal weight (which I must add I haven't been since I was 18). ARGH!!!

Anyway, I've really struggled with exercise after this pregnancy. Mainly because the only time I really have to squeeze in a run is 5:30 / 6:00 a.m. and we don't typically get sleep which makes an early run merely impossible. So, I continue to push off the exercise and I'm doing good if I get one run in a week. Well, I'm done with this...period...end of story!

I have to post this only because I feel it will help hold me accountable. I'm going for it again. I was able to get one 1/2 marathon under my belt a few years back (just after Lo was born) and have yet to accomplish my goal of running a full marathon. I've tried several times but it hasn't worked...either because I find out I'm pregnant or work has me bogged down to the point where I can't function or lack of sleep due to a baby who doesn't sleep...Anyhow, I'm getting over all that. NO MORE EXCUSES!!! I love running and I love training for races so I'm just going to do it...no matter how painful (and I assure you it will be painful).

I start training for the Rock 'n' Roll San Antonio 1/2 Marathon this weekend (I'm actually training for the marathon but will likely switch to the 1/2 marathon group in July). I'll then decide if I have a full marathon in me. As usual, I'll keep you posted on my progress. I'm pumped and fully inspired by our Marfa trip (of course more on this soon which I must add will include NO pictures of me in the posts). I've done it before so I know I have it in me (somewhere deep) to do it again!

Oh, I'm also pretty pumped about our new ride(s). We decided to go ahead and become true Austinites (Is that a word?) which means you have to have a bike right?!?!? Clay got his all tuned up and I got a Cruiser. LOVE IT!!!

Here I am on the bike I love so much (to the right).

I can't believe I just posted a pic of myself but I figured out I look best in super blurry photos so I guess it's okay!

I still have to invest in a basket and bell of course and then a bike trailer to lug the kiddos around town. Lola is DYING for me to pick her up from school on my bike with the trailer in tow. She literally asks me about it every day so I guess we need to go ahead and get one. Of course, I'm still not sure I'm brave enough to get on the main roads yet (even though there are bike trails) but I really want to do this for Lo so we'll see!!!

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