April 29, 2011

The epitome of fabulous!

Oh, it just never stops...the fabulous blogs out there. A recent add-on to my blog list and a new favorite of mine is a blog by Jesse Kamm. She is really amazing and also has a website where you can purchase her fabulous designs. Jesse's style is right up my alley to say the least. I want one of EVERYTHING please! Oh wait...WANT LESS (New Year's Resolution much!).

I love her most recent totes (hot off the press this week!) which I must have on my shoulder ASAP. Note to self: "Want Less!" But, it's so hard when they're are so many fabulous people out there doing fabulous things.

Here is Jesse modeling some of her designs.

I also love this picture she posted on her blog a few days back of her and her "little man".

The overalls with no shirt....to die for! Her words describing this moment were "Makes me think of Boy George and a small farmer having a tender moment in the wood shop." Love it! My "little man" will absolutely be in this "get up" soon!

Is this a groovy chick or what? Check out her bio. She is seriously the epitome of fabulous!

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