May 2, 2011

A Royal Wedding: Through the eyes of a 3 yr old

I wasn't really into all the hype of the Royal Wedding. It's not that I have a lack of respect for either Kate Middleton or Prince William (I actually like them a lot and thoroughly love reading and learning more about the entire Royal Family) but I just couldn't get into it for some reason. Maybe it's because I was only 5 years old when the last big Royal Wedding occurred and it's not a big memory for me. Or, maybe it could be that I subconsciously avoid all things the media tries to SLAM in my face. I don't know!

But, when I saw the wedding through the eyes of a 3 year old, my thoughts all changed. It was fascinating how focused and AMAZED Lola was watching the wedding. It was like I was sitting there watching a 3 year old instantaneously become filled with inspiration and delight! As for me, I also thought it was amazing! The love Kate and William share really showed through in the ceremony. You also can't help but adore the tradition.

Here is Lo completely focused watching the wedding.

Lola is TOTALLY into all things princess right now (natural I guess but I have more to say on this subject...another blog). I liked that she was watching a princess that wasn't all decked out in all sparkles, tutus, pink and all things other that it seems all "advertised" princesses are decked out in these days. This was a true princess story and I loved that she was able to experience it and I hope that she will always remember the moment.

As Lo was posted up watching the wedding, she was full of questions and comments like "Who's that man?" Answer: "That's the Prince" or one of my favorites was when Prince William and Prince Harry both got out of the car and Lo asked again "Who's that man?" referring to Prince Harry - We answered "That's Prince Harry." Lo's response was "Wait. So, are there two Princes?". Answer: "Yes." and tried to explain further. Response: "Why?".

Let me tell you...there were many, many, many "Whys?" thrown into the mix. The question "Why" is a pretty consistent big part of our life right now (like anytime Lo is awake the question is being spurted out at all times). Clay says he hopes she never stops asking "Why". I like this... if you think about it, it's such a good statement as "Why" is a great question to ask when it comes to so much out there in this world. Anyway, Lo kept asking "Where is the Princess?" Once she arrived the questions and comments started coming again... "Oh, she is so beautiful" or "Wow, Look at that dress!" This was one of Lo's favorite moments:

We got the whole "Mommy, Why is that girl carrying that dress?" I loved telling her who "that girl" was and explaining why she actually was carrying her "train". I also loved telling her "When Mommy and Daddy got married Ashley (who Lo LOVES) did that for me." Then I tried to explain the story behind a Maid of Honor and how they are special people in the brides life and how it's an honor to carry the train and stand beside the bride in the wedding. Lo was, once again, COMPLETELY fascinated. We then got out our wedding album. And, WOW, did the questions start a flying.

As we looked through the pictures, we found this:

I thought this was so fitting considering Lola loved and had so many questions when Pippa was carrying Kate's train. Lola stared at the picture for a while and then said "Where's Isabel and Caroline?". I explained how they weren't born yet. She then asked "Why?"....and then there was silence. Sometimes it's easier just to stop answering the questions rather than try to explain something you absolutely know a 3 year old won't get.

I want to end this blog with a special memory I have as it does have some royal connection. I remember as if it were yesterday exactly where I was, what I was wearing, who I was with and how I felt when we learned of Princess Diana's car accident. Maybe it's because it was such a historical moment but also this was the last time I spent true quality time with Clay's brother, Foy, who unfortunately is no longer with us. Oh, how I loved when Foy pulled his bright turquoise truck right up into Clay's parents backyard so we could all hear Robert Earl Keen jamming on his radio. Such a good time! A day I'll always remember. I wish I had more moments like this with Foy. He's still with us on a daily basis and he's of course always in our hearts. We talk about Foy every day with the kids and they say "Goodnight" to Uncle Foy's picture on the wall. We named Gaines after Foy (Gaines Foy) and now we love that every day he seems looks more and more like him with his red hair and big brown eyes. The memory of Foy will continue to be alive in our hearts.

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