May 9, 2011

Popsicle please!

Summer is close and the heat is already here which means Lola is constantly asking for a "Popsicle please!". It seems the urge for Lola's want of sweets never stops. As parents, we struggle with the sugar intake. We don't want to deny Lola of such great things like popsicles, ice cream, cookies, etc. as it's just not reality and frankly these are all things we grew up loving. But, we also don't want to inject Lola with all things bad (i.e. muchos sugar). With this, we always try to find ways to make things that are more natural and healthy but that are still enticing to Lola. We've done this by freezing grapes or bananas (which Lo LOVES) or we even have some great healthy cookie options where Lo can actively be involved in the making, baking and all (see below). However, we've yet to attempt to make our own popsicles. So I figured no time is better than now!

Growing up, I always loved my Snoopy Sno-Cone maker. I even asked my mom a few weeks ago if there was anyway they still have it packed away somewhere. Of course, even if it is packed away, it's not likely it would work so my "google" search began. I was absolutely thrilled to easily find the original Snoopy Sno-Cone maker.

As my research continued, I also loved some of these items from Uncommon Goods.

Ice Pop Molds - Sailboat, Rocket & Robot

Ice Pop Maker

And, finally, the Perfect Pops book featuring 50 party-ready recipes--from banana malted milkshake to prosecco-rose petal pops. Yummy!

Needless to say, I think our summer is going to be filled with lots of fun making of sno-cones and popcicles. A child's dream right?!?!?

We've had Lola in the kitchen cooking with us since she was at least 18 months. Now, anytime one of us is in the kitchen cooking (usually it's Clay), Lola is up on her stool helping....literally for every meal. She loves to be in the kitchen and loves to help cook. She can scramble eggs, cut bananas, mix brownies, help make salads, etc. I mentioned above that we have some great healthy cookie options which any child could easily be involved in making. This is one my mom found in the Family Fun magazine which I love. Lots of great craft ideas! Let me tell is SO much fun to make these cookies with Lola and they are surprisingly DELICIOUS and healthy...gotta love it!

Recipe: First, punch shapes from whole-wheat tortillas with cookie cutters. We'll also just cut triangles, rectangles, squares, circles using a cup, etc. Next, lightly coat the shapes with cooking spray and then sprinkle them with decorator sugar (this is Lo's job). Bake them at 400 for 5 minutes.

I urge you to give it ago! You won't be disappointed by these cookies I assure you!

On another note, we had a HUGE weekend! Lola had her first dance recital. She did SO good! It brought tears to my eyes watching her because it was just so freakin' cute. I can't wait to post the pictures and videos later this week.

Also, Gaines has a little surgery procedure tomorrow. After 3 months of chronic ear infections and no sleep, we're finally getting tubes. Keep the little guy in your thoughts!

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