May 23, 2011

Lola on a high!

Lola is going through a major phase right now! The common saying is "terrible twos". Right?!?!? I believe it because we had it pretty hard at age 2 (So I thought!). What got me through the "terrible twos" was hearing a specific statement. The statement was if you had it hard at age 2 then age 3 is typically much easier. You either get one or the other. THANK GOODNESS!!! Well, DO NOT believe this. Age 3 has been beyond hard! Specifically the past few weeks. So much that at points, Lola has had me in tears....LITERALLY!

Like this weekend for example...I took Lo to run errands with me on Saturday. I told her she could go only if she promised to be good and stay right by my side the whole time. She stood by her promise in the first store. But store number two...not so much. She was running around like a wild child and I didn't know what to do. Then she found some balloon thing she wanted. I told her she couldn't have it but she insisted on whining and demanding that she wanted it. I stood by my word and said "Absolutely not" and further emphasized that if she continued to whine and ask me for the "balloon thing" that we were going home immediately. Well, with this comment, Lola took it upon herself to tinkle all over the floor. When I say "tinkle", I mean pee/urinate...all over the floor. YEP!!! I guess she was trying to show me who was the boss. Is this a hard-headed strong-willed girl or what???? Needless to say, I was beside myself.

It gets worse. When I found out what she did, I didn't know what to do. Do we run??? Do I go to a store employee and confess the deed with great embarrassment???? I decided on my first instinct which was RUN and run fast!!! Oh, did I mention we were on the second level of the store when the tinkle incident happened??? As we were running out, a store employee came up the stairs and was clearly looking for something. Apparently, some liquid substance was leaking down to the first floor and the employee was coming up to figure out what in the world it could be. With this, I had to go to Plan B and confess. It was all the bit as embarrassing as I thought it would be. I barely could get the words out of my mouth. When I finally did, I offered to clean up the mess and I did. Unfortunately, another employee had already been cleaning up the mess downstairs. Funny thing... they were letting the "liquid" drain into a coffee cup. NICE!!! So, that was just the start of a CRAZY weekend.

Even with all this, we still decided to go to lunch and hit up the Renegade Craft Fair. Lola continued to be somewhat difficult and the entire time kept saying "She wanted to go to Ally's house". If you remember, Ally is Lo's imaginary sister. This all sounds cute but when you have a child screaming and yelling to go to her imaginary sister's house, it can become a bit overwhelming. I finally said "Lo, I don't know where Ally lives". She said "Take two rights and three lefts and her house is right there". When we took a left before we took our "two rights" she started screaming "NO, Ally's house is that way!". Seriously, have no clue how to deal with a 3 year old. Any advice???

Anyway, we got through Saturday. On Sunday, for some reason, I decided to give Lola another shot and I took her to run errands with me again. First stop was Anthropology's big sale of the yea (It was fabulous BTW). Once again I had a big talk with Lo and told her she "Has to stay right by my side" and "Can't touch anything!" She tried to negotiate and said "If I promise not to touch anything breakable, can I touch the clothes?" I compromised and told her she could touch the clothes but only if she touched them "gently". For the most part, she did pretty well in Anthropology. The whole time she was saying "Here are clothes. Can I touch these?"and she did this for almost 45 minutes. Looking back I now know she was trying to test me.

Since we had so much success at Anthropology, I decided to take Lola to the mall to help me run my final errands. All I had to do was get some black work shoes and drop something off to be engraved. Simple right?!?!?! Well, unfortunately, it was a nightmare!!! At one point, Lo was crawling around the floor like a 9 month old, then pushing the stroller into cabinets, then hiding from me under clothes racks. I thought I was going to go insane.

Finally, I found a way to make it through the trip in one piece. Lola discovered a bungee/trampoline jump thing. Bad explanation I know. Anyway, Lo stood watching some big kids jump on the bungee/trampoline jump thing for about 15 minutes and decided she wanted to do it too. I told her if she acts real good, I'd let her do it....all along knowing she wouldn't really want to do it when it came down to it. Lo and behold, she was an angel the rest of the mall trip. Then, it was time to go on the bungee/trampoline jump thing and this child was dead serious....she wanted to do it. I was amazed! So, here it is:

Getting all bucked in...

At first she took it easy.

But, before I knew it, she was going all out. That's her bouncing all the way up to the second floor. Can you believe this?!?!?!?

Seriously, she has no fear! Then the challenge was pulling her away from the bungee/trampoline thing. She had to go twice and wanted to go again. Oh Lola!!!

Anyway, we spent 3 hours on a mall trip that should have taken 45 minutes but I got my errands done and survived. Now, even though I was up at 3:30 this morning to catch a 5:30 a.m. flight and I already miss my babies, I have to say I'm kind of glad to be in a peaceful hotel room and hope to get a good nights sleep!!!

Nite, Nite to all!!!

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