May 26, 2011

Of a Kind

I'm LOVING this website Of a Kind these days! I think it's an absolute genius idea. So what's it all about anyway??? The two founders,Claire Mazur and Erica Cerula, created this site as they "find something thrilling about new designers, because it’s so easy to see their personalities in the things they make—in experiencing their products and process, you get a strong sense of who they are and what they’re about. " I completely agree with their thought process and have been inspired by many of their featured designers along with their stories since finding this site.

Each week, they select one designer whose work they love and feature it on the site. They share a series of stories about that designer—inspirations, personal life, taste, training, etc along with a limited-edition piece designed exclusively for Of a Kind. This is great to see for someone who is trying to now design some of their very own pieces:) (wink, wink)! There are several pieces and designers I'm dying over this week but I must limit it to my very favorites (bummer!).

This week I'm loving this dress by Ace & Jig.

I've been following Ace & Jig for a while and absolutely love their style. My style has changed so much over the past year (likely due to a second baby entering our life and I'm assuming Austin has had an influence on it). I truly feel the fashion you choose and the clothes you decide to wear on a daily basis can help reflect and show your personality. Fashion is a great way to show all those people out there who you are!

In the past, it seems I've struggled with what type of style I want to wear. I would go back and forth between styles almost daily. I used to be a bit frilly and cutesy and tried to add an edge ever so often. These days, it's out with the frilly and cutesy and I pretty much try to stick with all edge (or at least try to when I can pull it off). I rarely put on anything "cutesy" anymore. So strange. My style now is pretty straight forward. I always love a piece that can prove itself on it's own (like this Ace & Jig dress). At the same time, I like a piece to be versatile (like this Ace & Jig dress). I lean towards items that I can just throw on in the morning and look fabulous (like with this Ace & Jig dress) which is a must when you have two kiddos. But, I also want a piece that I can pair with a groovy accessory or shoe or even a jean and make it something totally different (like you could do with this Ace & Jig dress).

I've really had a lot of fun with this new turn I've taken in my "fashion world" and feel I've finally found who I am when it comes to fashion (It's only taken 35 years to get here). Now, even though I'm not content with my body right now (working on it through marathon training and now weight watchers so hopefully I'll get there soon), I'm still content in my clothes as I've scaled it back so much and have had fun doing different things with such great pieces.

Anyhow, one look I would love to put on my "almost there in probably 6 months" body is the Ace & Jig dress with these fabulous bracelets and clutch found on Something Trendy.

Wouldn't this be a match made in heaven or what?!?!?!

I do have one additional comment to make that may be a bit off subject. My want to push the "purchase now" button on the Ace & Jig dress made me think of something I heard last week. When I was in Louisiana driving from Shreveport to Monroe, the radio station I was listening to took a survey. The survey was "How old is too old to wear a mini-skirt?". Here I am not really paying attention as I thought the results would come in at an age at least over 40. I was thinking maybe even in the 50s. Seriously, mini-skirts/dresses (like the Ace & Jig dress above) are everywhere right now. Anyway, guess what age they came back with????? None other than 35!!!

Considering I'm turning 35 in about 3 weeks, the result of this survey sent me spiraling (and I wasn't spiraling up). Just when I had finally come to terms with my age. ARGH!!! With this, I guess I should go ahead and push the "purchase now" button NOW as once the dress gets here I'll only have a few days to wear it before I turn 35 and based on the survey this dress will no longer be appropriate for me to wear. Considering most of my spring/summer attire consist of shorter dresses and skirts, this might be an issue. I guess I'll just be a rebel and be an old mom who wears short skirts and dresses.

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