May 31, 2011

Master & Commander

I discovered a while ago that Miss Lo is an interesting little being. Every time I think there is no way she can surprise me, she goes off and does it.

Lo's movie choices have always been different from the typical. When most kids love the Toy Story movies or maybe even Tangled, our Lo has always been a sucker for the period dramas. She of course loves all the musicals like Meet me in St. Louis or Sound of Music or Mary Poppins but she even loves Pride and Prejudice or Sense and Sensibility or really any period piece. And, she can spot one like no other. The other day she was in another room and Clay put on some period drama and just by the sound of the music that was playing she IMMEDIATELY knew it was something she would like and came sprinting in and said "What's that?". I don't remember what the movie was but it was a random one and she sat there in silence and watched the entire movie. I'm telling you...the girl is crazy about a period piece.

Anyway, during my travels Clay and Lo had a chance to get some quality time in. When I got back from one of my trips, I discovered her new favorite flick was Master and Commander.

Yep, not even kidding....this is now the movie she is requesting...a Russell Crowe vehicle. She will sit and watch this entire movie and will ask constant questions about the Captain (Russell Crowe) and the pirates. I'm assuming her Dado is pretty excited about this new love as this is one of his favorite movies. Me....not so much. I would much rather sit through Sound of Music or one of the classics over Master and Commander. But, like everything else, we just go with it.

With Lo's new love over Master and Commander, she has developed a new fascination with pirates. Clay is loving it because he wanted to be a pirate as a kid so I think he has enjoyed telling Lola stories about his childhood dream of being a pirate. With the new pirate phase, I loved when I found this book Pirates Don't Take Baths by John Segal.

Such a cute book and it goes right along with the pirate theme. Anyway, our Lo never ceases to amaze us. I love that about her. She's a unique little thing to say the least.

Another love of Lo's are milkshakes. This is pretty normal I have to assume. She asks for one just about everyday. We try to limit them as much as possible but we let her indulge in a milkshake or two fairly often. Here she is in hog heaven enjoying a milkshake at one of our new favorite places Hopdoddy. PHENOMENAL burgers! The beef burgers are great (some of the best I've had in Austin - all natural) but I usually go for the veggie or the tuna burger. I'm typically in hog heaven anytime I have either.

I, of course, can't leave our little Gainesy out. His favorite things are pretty simple. His mommy is one of them which I LOVE but another favorite...straws. Give this boy a straw and he'll be happy for hours!

Hope everyone recovered from the holiday weekend! If you're like me, you're likely exhausted. Have a good week! Hope to be back soon with some Marfa pics (much delayed I know) along with a dance recital post. Toodles!

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