May 13, 2011

Hello Hannah!

Last night we decided to head to S. Congress and go to Guero's Taco Bar which is one of our regular spots for dinner. We basically know everyone there. As we were walking, I had an interesting feeling. With that feeling, Sandra Bullock came to mind. Weird huh??? For some reason I thought we may run into Sandy at Guero's. NO CLUE why but I really had this feeling. Anyhow, Sandra Bullock was not there but we did have another sighting.

Before I begin making a very short story long, I must remind everyone of my complete and utter obsession with America's Next Top Model (a.k.a ANTM). This has been a long time obsession. As a matter of fact, my initial confession of my love for ANTM came out in a blog on September 4, 2008 titled I must confess (how appropriate of a title). This is a definite weakness I have along with my obsession with all the Bravo shows. The good news is I still love good art, good music, good documentaries, good books, etc which I tend to use to help convince myself it's okay to have an ANTM obsession.

Now onto the real story (Is there one???).... here we are at Guero's enjoying our dinner. I must add it's so nice that we can have enjoyable meals with the kids now. It seems Lola has grown out of her "I'm going to be a complete terror child during dinner" phase and Gaines is just good all the time no matter what. Anyway, I'm scarfing down mass amounts of yummy chips and very fattening queso as I had just had a late afternoon 3 mile run and was STARVING!!! Just when I started scarfing up my din-din Clay says "Amy, Is that girl from America's Next Top Model?" As soon as Clay made this statement, I whipped around so fast that I'm surprise my head stayed attached to the bod. And, YES it was! Not only was it a contestant from ANTM but it was my favorite contestant from this season, Hannah, who sadly just got kicked off this week. BOOOOO!!!

I have to say I found it interesting that Clay was able to identify Hannah as he claims to "hate" ANTM. Hmmmm....he "hates" it yet he's able to spot a contestant in Guero's filled with lots of very pretty people?!?!?!? I loved this! I it's time to get on with the real story (Again, is there one????). When I realized who it was, I immediately said "OMG...It's Hannah...I'm going to talk to her now!". Clays response was "Surely you're not?!?!?". My response back was "Of course I am!!!!". With that, I leaped over to Hannah and said "I wanted you to win!". She immediately gave me a hug and said "Thank you so much!". Then, we proceeded to chit chat for a good 15 minutes. Oh how I got all the ANTM scoop and talked to her about her contract and what she plans to do with her career and what auditions she was going to in Austin and yada, yada,yada. I was in absolute hog heaven (Oh, and BTW, she is beautiful)!!! Clay is always amazed how I'm able to talk to anyone at anytime about any and everything and this moment didn't seem to let him down.

Lola finally came up and I said to her "Lo, This is Hannah. A model from America's Next Top Model....Our favorite show!" Lo was shy and didn't say much but Hannah said "Maybe you'll be tall like your mom and can become a model one day." Not that I ever want this for Lola (well, I want it if she wants it) but I thought it was cute.

Another side note related to ANTM (we seem to have many of these)...we don't let Lola watch any TV or movies during the week. Some days she'll come home from school and ask to watch a certain movie and we always say "No TV during the week". Maybe this weekend." Well, ironically, on Wednesday Lola gave the whole TV watching thing a shot. I, of course, said "No" and Lo's response was "Well, I want to watch America's Next Top Model." My instinctual response was to say "Ok...awesome!" but then I held back and thought...hmmmm....this is Lo's little way of manipulating me into turning on the TV. Wow! Is this a clever child or what?!?!?! I didn't fall for it.

Anyway, I have to say, I'm always a sucker for celebrity sightings. We've had a number of them in Austin which I love. But, this one is a fav especially since Hannah and I had our 15 minute talk. Oh, did I mention she told me to message her on Facebook and she would add me as a friend (private accepts only it!). Maybe we'll become great friends and when she is as big as Gisele Bundchen, Clay will design all her houses around the world. be a celebrity's friend!

With this model sighting, it's fitting to mention how Lola has actually become pretty good at posing for pics these days. Here are some poses she threw out at us yesterday just before heading to Guero's.

And, of course, I can't end this blog without a picture of our adorable baby boy who ALWAYS has a smile on his face.

Recital photos/videos coming soon! I hope to have them up next week. I also still need to post Marfa photos but have 776 photos and 30 videos to sort through there. Wowsers! I'll be traveling over the next two weeks so it will likely be crazy times at the Odom house.

Have a great weekend all!

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