September 4, 2008

I must confess

As I was driving to work this morning several things crossed my mind and I decided I would not post the blog that I prepared last night rather I would confess some things to my fellow blog readers.

Firstly, I'm obsessed with the Kidd Kraddick morning talk show. Even those who know me best may not know this. When I found myself sending a text message to my sister-in-law, Brana, at 7:45 a.m. this morning to find out if Kidd and his wife Carolyn split I thought first of all I'm 32 and trying to get gossip about Kidd Kraddick of all people and second of all this may be considered major obsession. Of course, Brana quickly responded back with the answer and I was very upset to hear the sad news that Kidd and Carolyn are getting a divorce. It's funny b/c we talk about them like we know them. Like Diet Coke (DC), this morning show is something I absolutely HAVE to have to get me going in the mornings. Good Lord...if they are on vacation and playing re-runs, I know it will be a bad week.

Then, you throw a Chris Brown (my new fav artist) in there and I know it will be a fabulous day despite the deadlines I have at work. Now, I mention Chris Brown as this is another confession...I love Chris Brown!!! It's been since 1999 when Usher came out with his first album that I've had a R&B artist that I like this much. Back in the day I loved all of it but lately not so much. Chris Brown has officially brought me back.

Now as yall have probably figured out, I typically steer clear from TV watching as there is usually nothing on that is worth watching but Wednesday nights are different. I must confess that I LOVE ANTM. For those amateurs out there, that's Americas Next Top Model. Last night was a dream night for me. The premiere of ANTM then the premiere of Top Design and you top that off with Project Runway and that makes for some fun. I loved every minute of it. Although Clay wouldn't ever admit it, I think he may have enjoyed it too.

Another confession...right now I'm eaten up with chigger bites. My entire back is covered with them. Well, I've always been very proud about the fact that I can be sitting outside and everyone around me can be eaten up by mosquitoes or chiggers and they don't touch me....I walk away with not one bite. I had a tendency to brag about this in the past by saying things like "Nah...I don't need Off" or while everyone was getting attacked around me I would joyfully say "Bugs don't eat me!". I never knew why but I loved it as it was just one less thing I had to worry about. Now, it is obviously a different story b/c I'm in pain. And, the bites keep popping's crazy. Anyway, I don't know if this, like so many other things, is a post-baby thing but all I know is something has changed.

My final confession is a big one. I'm getting baby fever. Eeeek!!! CRAZY right!!! Clay will probably come close to having a heart attack when he reads this but I seriously think I'm ready to be pregnant again. Now that I've thrown that out there...please don't get too excited b/c I'm ABSOLUTELY NOT going to act on this for a number of reasons but I can say with confidence that I'm ready (so I think). Due to my lack of love for pregnancy, I didn't know if I would ever be ready again. Maybe since I feel this way I'll enjoy the next pregnancy more. Of course, it will be a while before we know the answer to this.

I've attached some pics of Lo working diligently to get the sippy cut in her was really cute.

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