September 2, 2008

It worked!!!

I'm happy to say that the Orbit toddler seat made our road trip seamless. Yea!!! Well, I assume it was the seat but all I know is we went 5 hours with no screams, cries or any other problems. She had tons of room to move around in her little seat....I think she felt like she was in hog heaven. I also took some of the other advice given and bought some Gerber puffs and a new toy and we were off...

Lo didn't take to the Gerber puffs too well. She seemed to like the Tupperware bowl I put them in better than the actual puffs. That's ok...I guess she just isn't ready for finger foods yet. We'll keep trying. She loved the new blabla I bought her though. Attached is a pic with Lo in the fabulous new roomy car seat with her new blabla. I also took all of her favorite toys and books along with us so we had all basis covered. Here are two of her favorite toys. They are simple but she absolutely loves them. This is all she needs to keep her happy for long (in baby terms) periods of time. This little rosette toy was a gift. How cute is this rattle!!! Lola has always loved this one. I think it's the bright colors. She takes it in her hand and shakes it VERY aggressively. You better steer clear when she has this toy in hand b/c she is likely to bop you in the head with it and it doesn't feel good. She's also bopped her own head a couple times but still just kept going like it didn't phase her.

Lo also loves the Sassy wood toys. I think she likes the fact that she can get a good grip of it and she also LOVES the tags. She touches them, plays around with them, puts them in her mouth....she really has a fascination with tags. I need to get her a few more of the Sassy toys.

What I love best about both of these toys is that they are so simple. Nothing talking and/or flashing just pure simplicity....back to the basics. It's amazing how the most simple toys can keep a baby/child need for TVs, video games, etc. A baby can learn to entertain themselves with the simplest objects if we just let them. I know it can be easy to sit a baby in front of a TV with a DVD that will entertain them for hours but the key is not to do this. If they aren't taught to watch TV then they won't know what they are missing....right??? Clay and I feel strongly about avoiding TV watching as much as possible. I know this is easier said than done but I remember as a kid playing with dolls and legos and other things like this that teach a child to have an imagination. I don't remember watching TV at all. So, for now, it's our plan to use the same parenting techniques with Lo that our parents used with us.

Anyway, I would love to update everyone on the trip and post some pics but don' t have time today. Hopefully later this week I'll be able to get some pics up on the blog from the Junction and Fredericksburg trips.

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