September 24, 2008

Mad Scientist

Dinner last night....

Not quite sure how we do it but by the time Lola is done eating it seems the food is everywhere....on face, in hair, up nose, in belly name it and it's there. In these photos, she is covered in squash. Amazing!!!

We've been trying out the finger food thing and it hasn't gone so well yet. Last week I went to whole foods and bought several organic veggies/fruits (so freakin' expensive BTW)....avocados, bananas, mangoes...stuff that Lola could chomp on no problemo. I was pumped about starting a new feeding regimen. It's always fun to move to the next big thing. Well, didn't go so well. If you put the food in her mouth, she'll eat it. As I've mentioned before, the child will eat any and everything. But, when I sit it on her tray to eat, she plays with it, looks at it, smashes it, bangs it on the table, drops it on the carpet, puts it in her hair, etc. Goes no where near her mouth!!!

So, here's why I'm so perplexed over seems like if there is any little/tiny thing (could be as small as lint) on the table or floor, Lo is racing to get to it, pick it up and put it in her mouth. But, when I put little food things in front of her, thinking she'll pick it up and put in her mouth like she does everything else, she puts it in her hair instead. Go figure! What's up with that??? I guess like everything else it will take a few times before she figures it out. For now, we'll keep trying.

I wanted to post this video last week but forgot. Watch is hilarious!!! A serious riot. You may have already seen it on CNN but I got a good laugh out of it. Of course, that's hard to do right now...I'm so irate by everything going down in the financial market. I'm going to keep the details to a minimum but the greed that got us into the mess sends me overboard. I watched the Congressional hearings yesterday regarding the $750M bail out (I recommend that EVERYONE watch them) is scary! In addition to this (and the fact that the top dogs of these companies are walking away with MILLIONS), it makes me so mad that those of us that work everyday, pay our bills and mortgages on time every month will also be affected by this debacle. I'm going to leave at that but it has had me in a sore, sore, sore mood over the past several days. I was already concerned about the environment and how much Lola and other babies will get the raw deal there but now to make matters worse 30 years from now she'll still be paying for this too. Lola has gotten a lesson on greed this week. The next lesson will be to teach her to hold herself accountable for her own mistakes and not push them off on others. Sorry about the out lash!!! Watch the video:

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