September 25, 2008

My crazy friend

I have this crazy friend named Angie. I feel like I could write a children's book about Angie and her adventures. I can't get into all the "ins and outs" and why Angie is crazy but I do want to tell one little story.

Ok. So last year Angie saw an advertisement in our office elevator that to open the State Fair of Texas Dodge would be hosting a dance marathon which they called Durango Tango and the winner of the dance marathon would win a brand new Dodge Durango. Angie was goofing around and decided to write an essay and submit to the fair. She figured she's a marathon runner so surely she could get through and win a dance marathon no problem. I think now Angie would say this was easier said than done. To make a long story short, Angie was one of 25 chosen to dance in the Durango Tango. She danced for 27.16 hours (with limited restroom and water breaks) and WON!!! It was hilarious. So now Angie is cruising around Big D in her custom Dodge Durango. Of course, with rising gas prices, it's become more of a burden b/c she would like to sell it but can't (If anyone is interested in buying, let me know and I'll hook you up with Angie). Here's one of the articles written on Angie after the dance-off:

After the big marathon, Angie said it was one of the hardest things she had ever done and she wasn't quite sure it was all worth it. But, here's the deal with Angie, she obviously has a thing for torture b/c she decided to once again write an essay and try to get into another contest at the State Fair. But this time it isn't a dance marathon but rather a corny dog eating contest. Yes my friends....I said a CORNY DOG EATING CONTEST. And, once again, she was one of 15 chosen to participate in the 6th Annual World Corny Dog Eating Contest (no they didn't throw "world" in there). Here are the details of the Corny Dog Eating Contest:

If you're in town, go out to support Angie on Sunday as she tackles and plans to conquer another competition. Here is the essay Angie wrote to get herself into the contest. They felt out of the numerous entries submitted that she was the "perfect" candidate.

My name is Angela Vanhoose, winner of the Durango Tango at the State Fair last year. My competitive side, coupled with my love for food, would make me a perfect candidate for a Corn Dog Eating Contest! I had a blast out there last year, being a contestant at the Durango Tango. The experience is something that I'll never forget, and I was very grateful to win! It was tough, dancing in the heat for 27 hours and 16 minutes, but somehow I survived! When they interviewed me after the dance competition, I do recall telling the newspaper folks that I was 'going to go grab a corn dog, before I head home.'

I feel that you should pick me as a contestant for this show down! I would love an opportunity to continue my reign, of contest winning, at the State Fair! I have a tendency to go back for seconds, or sometimes thirds, at dinner. Buffets get scared, when they know I'm coming!
The bottom line is, I love me some Fletcher's Corny Dogs!

P.S. Will there be mustard?

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That's hysterical! You go girl!