September 5, 2008

Junction Trip

Over Labor Day weekend we went to Junction with my family to enjoy being out in the country. It was very relaxing and a ton of fun. The ride down with Adam and Brana was great. We were able to catch up on conversation and luckily due to the fab Orbit toddler seat, we enjoyed the ride. We stopped in Brady at the famous Hard Eight BBQ was good but not as good as Coopers (we stopped there on the way to Fredericksburg with Molly & Ben). Then it was time to stock up on brewskies and start the weekend off right. We loaded up in the Bronco with Lo in tow and drove around checking out the beautiful land. is amazing out there. Here are some pics of our adventures in the Bronco.
We also spent a lot of time on the back porch enjoying the views. We talked, ate, drank, ate, enjoyed the views, ate, went kayaking on the Llano river and ate some more. Do you see a trend here? There was lots of eating going on. I've determined that not only have I gained back the 6 lbs I lost when I was sick but I've probably gained another 3 lbs on top of that. It was worth it but it's now time to buckle down.

There was one downfall to the appears Lola and cedar trees do not mix well. She had horrible allergies the entire weekend. This meant no sleep. When I say "no sleep", I mean NONE. She was up at least every hour if not more. It was miserable for all of us. I think she would wake up scared b/c she felt like she couldn't breathe. Poor baby girl. She's doing fine now...all cleared up and sleeping 10 -12 hours at nights.

Oh, I also forgot to tell yall that Brana found a horny toad. How cool is that! These little suckers are going extinct but randomly she found one. Look how cute he is. Clay has great childhood memories of catching horny toads so he was loving it.

Hope everyone has a fabulous weekend!!!

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