September 18, 2008

Saturday is a BIG day!!!

Saturday is a BIG day for me. I'm running a 10K. I'm a nervous stomach actually has butterflies in it right now. I'm especially nervous since I missed my run this morning....I was EXHAUSTED!!! I'll make sure and squeeze it in tonight though.

Training for the half marathon has been a HUGE challenge for me. Every weekend when we increase our miles and I complete it, I really feel proud of myself. I know it doesn't seem like much but when you haven't run since your last soccer game in 1994, it's a big deal. Of course, even then I never ran more than a mile. We're up to 6.2 miles...woohoo!!! Craziness!!! Before you know it we'll be doing 13 miles...still sounds pretty scary to me. My goal is to complete the half marathon in December and then start training for a full marathon. I would love to run the NYC marathon in November 2009. This goal seems far off right now but I'll keep truckin' in hopes that I'll get there.

Now, this routine hasn't come easy. I've had a calf pull that I'm trying to nurse back, I have major back pains and now I'm having knee pains. Clay says my knee pain is like tennis elbow and just comes with the territory. I'm not sure about this but I do know it hurts. Huh...I think I may be too old for this!

Thanks to Miss Lola I continue to conquer the miles every week....she gives me so much inspiration!!!

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