September 23, 2008

Oh no...she figured it out

Oh good Lord...we're in trouble!!! Lola has figured out how to pull herself up. Now, this is great b/c she's tackled yet another milestone. Go Lo!!! However, it's also bad b/c she can pretty much get to any and everything. Oh No!!!

How it all went down: Last Thursday is when it happened. I put Lo in her bed to play with some toys while I was hanging clothes and cleaning up. All of the sudden I heard her breathing heavily and giggling out of excitement. I turned around and she was standing up!!! She was so proud of herself that she could barely breathe. It was adorable! I, of course, started saying "Yea Lola!" and yelled for clay to come quick. I called my mom to tell her the big news. She said she had been working with Lola on pulling up earlier that day. It didn't take long for her to figure it out on her own. I also think she sees other babies in her class tackle a milestone and then she starts trying to figure out how to do it herself. Babies are pretty smart little things.

I've posted some pics of the first day Lola pulled up on her own. Umm...yes...she was trying to figure out how to climb out of the crib. In addition, at one point, she let go with one hand, looked across the crib and was considering taken a step to the other side. She quickly figured out she was not quite ready for that. I've since taken some other cute ones that I'll get uploaded and posted another day. There was one where she pulled up on her toy box trying to get was the cutest thing!!!

We're proud of her but (once again) it's changed the dynamics around our house. She is pulling up on EVERYTHING!!! Of course, that doesn't come with out some big falls. It's all fun.

In other big news, last Friday Lola's two front bottom teeth popped through. They've been threatening to come through for a while but now their finally here. This has made breastfeeding quite a challenge for reasons that I'm sure are obvious. With the new teeth, we've been trying finger foods and moving up to "big girl" foods. I'll blog about that later this week b/c any advice other parents out there have is always helpful.

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