September 3, 2008

Fredericksburg Trip

Fredericksburg House - home away from home for the weekend.

Hanging out in the trees for a photo shoot.
BTW...I hate the way I look in the dress.

Look how smiley our little chunky monkey is in this pic.

Ok...seriously...I had to attach this pic to show Ben's righteous 80s hair-do he had kickin this day...nothing like a little party in the front and business in the back action. He, He!

As mentioned a week or so ago, we went down to Fredericksburg, Tx for a quick family getaway. At that time it was much needed and very refreshing.

We stayed at a precious little house on several acres of land right outside of Fredericksburg and enjoyed being out in nature. The house also had a pool which was fabulous. Nothing better than to kick back, have a drink and catch some rays. It was very enjoyable!

On Saturday, we headed to town. The boys tore off to the horse races while the girls went to shop. Most of the shopping was very disappointing but we did stumble upon three little stores that made it all worth the while. Thank goodness b/c we had money burning in our pockets (not really but we acted like we did at least). Despite the heat and long day, Lo did great on the shopping journey. It looks like she may be taking after her mom there. At the end of the day we all met up for some great food, drinks and music and headed back to the house.

Ben and Clay are always looking for an excuse to pick up the guitars and play some music. This particular weekend was no different. In the evenings, everyone kicked back and listened to some of The Post Folk tunes. When you get a chance, check out their my space page at to hear some of their stuff. To quote Ben, they are a "slave to the groove".

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