October 1, 2008

Lo and her pigtails

It's official, Lola has moved to the "big girl" class at school. She was suppose to be in her original class until 9 months but they can't keep up with her anymore so they started easing her into the next class up. Last week she started full time in the new class. She LOVES it!!!

Lo misses Miss Yolanda & Miss Martha but still gets to visit during the day. Her new teachers are Miss Olga, Miss Candace & Miss Ann. She's also back with her BFFs Jackson & Victoria (they were moved up about a month ago). They say she is always playing and having a blast. You have never seen anything like it. The first day she was in there, they said she played so hard that she finally gave up and just fell asleep on the mat. Then, when we would arrive to pick her up, she would be real happy and giggle but then crawl back to play with the kids longer. When I picked her up on Tuesday, they had her hair in pigtails. I thought it was adorable and she felt like she was "Miss Thing"....she was prancing all around the house with those pigtails and loving every minute.

Lo had her first zoo experience yesterday. My mom said she loved it. I'm so excited she is at an age when she can finally enjoy it b/c I love the zoo and can't wait to spend a lot of time there with Lo. Yesterday she saw all the animals, rode a pony, got a little stuffed peacock from the gift shop....it was all fun and games. After my mom dropped her off at my house, I asked her if she put plenty of sunblock on her. She said "oh yea...we put it on several times throughout the day". I answered that I need to buy some more b/c I can't find ours and my mom said "there was some in her baby bag". Well, that wasn't sunblock in the bag....it was butt paste. So, Lo was covered in butt paste all day....oops!!! For any of you that are interested, it keeps a baby from being sunburned. Pretty funny.


Call the Preppies In said...

I'm cracking up right now!!
So freakin' adorable. I think I might get to see her tomorrow if I ride w/ your Mom to the state fair. :)

Call the Preppies In said...

I tagged you!

Debbie said...

I am having so much fun keeping up with adorable "Lady Lo"! Thanks for all the great stories and pictures!
Debbie Cox