October 27, 2008

We're back!!!!

Oh gosh...it's been so long!!! I don't even know where to start b/c I really do have so much to say (imagine that). So, I guess I'll start where we left off and try to get everything else in this week.

Where did we leave off???? Oh yes...GO TECH!!! Wowsers!!! They have really impressed the last couple weeks. We're ecstatic. This weekend (Tech vs. Texas) will be the biggest game in Texas Tech's history. AND...College Gameday is making their way to Lubbock, TX. Woohoo!!! Here's the sad news...we had plans to go to Lubbock for the game but yesterday made an executive decision that it will be too hard to make it all work. Bummer!!! BUT...we'll be watching from home with our rally hats on.

Now, the past two weeks, I'm happy to say I've done a good job with my old football "rituals" which is waking up, start College Gameday at 9:00 a.m. and watch football all day and all night. It has really exhausted me though. Attached are some pics from last weekend. We went to watch the game at a friends house and had a great time. Lola loves it b/c she is able to play with the kids of our friends. It's a blast!

As mentioned, I have so much to say but will save for future blogs. Life has been crazy lately and Lola is really starting to come into her own. I'm sad b/c I feel like she is almost a toddler now which leads me to one of my subjects of discussion....is it baby #2 time!?!? Other things that I can't wait to discuss are Lo's precious teeth, NO sleep...back to the basics (babywise), diaper rash...what to do, a sick baby...off to the doctor, our new favorite toys, my new job, How to manage it all? (btw...I don't have the answer to this), cousin Magill is almost here, marathon is almost here, Are we leaving Dallas? I'm telling you...I really do have a lot to say so stay tuned.

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the momo dance said...

so glad you are back--i'm laughing again!