October 29, 2008

Let there be sleep

Well, it's been a while...since I've had sleep that is. I'm telling you...it's been INSANE!!! Lola has been sleeping badly for a while but at least she would sleep until 3:30 or 4:00 am. We would even have nights where she would go until 5:00 or 6:00 am. ....what a treat that was. But, over the past couple weeks, we've gone back to "newborn style" sleeping - i.e wake up at 11:00 pm, 1:00 am, 3:00 am, 5:00 am and finally at 7:00 am. And, she's up for 45 minute stints. Of course, I usually give up after the 5:00 am wake up call and go ahead and get up for the day.

Let me back up a bit. I feel Clay and I have done a great job as parents so far and there isn't really much I would go back and change about our parenting style. The one thing I would change is our approach to getting Lola on a schedule (or should I say lack of approach). Initially, we had big plans! I did all the research and decided what approach I wanted to take. That was the "Baby Wise" approach. I have so many friends that swear by it. It's great b/c it helps you get on a schedule but it's also flexible. I like the flexible part. I (I say "I" b/c Clay had no clue we actually had an approach...he just did what I said) stuck with this approach and had Lola sleeping through the night until I went back to work when Lo was 12 weeks. At that point, I stopped doing it. Not intentionally but it just kind of happened. I never made a point to work this in my daily rituals. I guess I thought she had been doing well and would keep doing well. Looking back I realize we should have worked harder at this and now I regret that.

Why is this my biggest regret so far? Well, we continue to have problems getting Lola on a schedule. We're not the only ones having problems either. The teachers at school lay all the babies down for a nap at the same time....unfortunately, Miss Lola doesn't always work with them. She pretty much naps when she wants if she naps at all. We do have a good routine at night...6:30 ish we start eating our solids, 7:00:ish take a bath and play, then we get out of the bath, lotion up and read a book. Then Lola has just about an ounce of milk and she's ready for bed. Too bad it's not for the night.

So, last week I became desperate....desperate times always call for desperate measures....right?!?!? Although I hate Babies-R-Us (BRU), I took it upon myself to go and purchase EVERYTHING that could be a sleep remedy....warmer pajamas, different lotions that supposedly help babies sleep, humidifier, etc. I don't even remember everything I got but it doesn't matter b/c none of it worked. So, as a last ditch effort, I scheduled a doctor appt. Although Lola's 9 month appt is scheduled for next Friday, 11/7, I couldn't hold out any longer. I became more than desperate. The doctor said she has more teeth breaking in and seems to have a sinus infection. She gave us a prescription and said to prop her mattress up with a phone book to help her breath better. I'm praying that this works. I must say...you do tend to get used to having no sleep but by Friday I'm typically a walking zombie.

On a positive note, even with the lack of sleep, Lola is still a happy baby full of energy. She rarely ever fusses and always has a smile on her face. I wish we could say the same about her mother. If anyone has any other advise, PLEASE GIVE!!!

Halloween is Friday. I'm so excited!!! Lola's first Halloween. Woohoo!!! She is going to be a dragonfly. The costume is adorable....can't wait to get her in it and post the pics so everyone can see.

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