October 31, 2008

Poor baby Lo

Oh...poor Lola! She's has had a terrible diaper rash that just didn't want to go away. It first started on her tutu and then traveled down to her bum. We called the doctor and they gave us a prescription to use for 10 days. It worked after a week but then came back even more fierce on her bum when the prescription ran out. So, we called the doctor back (I guess you can see we have gotten our monies worth out of our doctor over the past week or so)....the solution: Lotrimin AF and stop using wipes.

Through my research I found that you actually aren't suppose to use wipes at all when babies wet their diaper. Only use them when they do #2. Is this common knowledge? Was this something I'm suppose to know as a mother? If so, oops b/c I didn't know this fact. I'm also off on a search for chemical free wipes. I'm sure they have some at Whole Foods.

During the whole diaper rash fiasco, we would let Lola cruise around the house diaper free to help give it some air. It was so cute and she thought it was fun. We had to be on the look-out b/c he would tinkle here and there. It wasn't too hard though b/c she would give a little giggle. It was pretty cute.

Attached are some pics of Lo cruising around nude to help her diaper rash. I think she really loved the freedom. How cute is that bum...there is nothing more adorable. Oh to be a baby again...care-free and loving life!!!

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