October 17, 2008


One of my great loves is college football. Now, I'll admit since Lola has entered our lives I have a harder time watching football the way I used to i.e. spend ALL day Saturday - 10:00 a.m. when College Gameday coverage begins until around 11:00 p.m. when the last game ends. Seriously, I love it!!! It gives me this adrenaline rush like no other. In addition to Lola, Clay doesn't want to dedicate all day on Saturday to football anymore. I'm very dissappointed in him. A couple weekends ago he said "I'm footballed out" and I responded by saying "I don't understand how you can say that. This has always been something we love. I don't feel like I even know you anymore". Now, I realize this is a bit extreme but I am a little dissappointed that Clay has grown out of our obsession for college football.

With all of that said, our team the Texas Tech Red Raiders are ranked #7. Um yes...#7!!! I almost have to laugh when I type this out b/c it really is a little much. Yes, I know...they are suppose to be good but we haven't really played anyone yet and we continue to move up in the polls. Secondly, anyone that knows Tech football well, knows they always find a way to mess up a good thing. I certainly do hope this is not the case this year but lets just say I'm not going to get our hopes up yet.

We went to Lubbock last weekend to watch the Tech vs. Nebraska game. We had a blast!!! It's always fun to run into people from the "old days" and catch up. We bought Lola a precious Raiders cheerleading outfit and I can't wait to put it on her.

So, tomorrow is a big game. Here are the headlines:

We're heading to a friends house tomorrow to begin the festivities at 10:30 a.m. Time to put our rally caps on!!!! Oh good lord...this should be interesting. I'm excited but nervous...although A&M is not so good this year, it's always a good game. Oh, I also have a fabulous Texas Tech papazon chair that I'm busting out for Tech games. I'm hoping it brings luck.

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