November 5, 2008

Our little dragonfly

Lola had her first Halloween and she was a little dragonfly. How cute does she look! Unfortunately, I wasn't able to snap the "perfect" pic that I had imagined b/c Lola was a little tired but she still looked adorable. We sat outside and waited for the trick-or-treaters and then it was time for Lola's bedtime. Nothing too adventurous....maybe next year she'll understand the occasion more and it will be a little more exciting.

So, this week has been crazy. I jumped on a plane Monday to Denver for a meeting and flew back last night. I was so anxious to get home to see Lola. Of course, when I got home, she was already asleep. It seems like her bedtime has gradually gone from 8:30 pm to 8:00 pm to 7:30 pm and now it's basically 7:00 pm. Makes me so sad that she hits the sack so early now.

Anyway, usually I would give anything for Lola to sleep through the night but last night was different. I was hoping she would wake up so I could go spend time with her. Even though I was only gone for one night, I missed her so much. Well, of course when I want her to wake up, she doesn't. But, at 4:30 am she started making some noises so I jumped up quickly and ran into the nursery. She wasn't awake yet but was only moaning in her sleep. I couldn't resist anymore so I picked her up and held her and then brought her to bed with us. Oops!!! That's a parent " no no" but I did it anyway.

I was also able to spend some time with Lo this morning before I realized my flight to Atlanta left at 10:45 am which was a hour earlier than I had thought. It was 8:21 am and I went in panic mode as I hadn't gotten all of Lola's stuff together for school, I hadn't showered, I hadn't pumped, I hadn't unpacked and packed again and I still had to drop Lola off at school...I needed to do all of this and be out the door to the airport within 30 minutes. Yikes!!! So, to make a long story short....I pulled it off and made it on the plane just in time for take off (I even encountered traffic on the way). I'm now in my hotel trying to wind down from a long day. I have a early morning meeting and then I head home.

Oh, I sure can't wait to have a long relaxing weekend with Lola!!!

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Lyn & Amber Harrison said...

She is just adorable in her costume!