November 18, 2008

Our week in a nutshell

I thought I would give you the "low-down" as to what our evenings entail. I've attached a couple videos I snapped quickly last week to help demonstrate the "fun"!!! Basically they consist of chasing baby Lo around the house all evening long, trying to keep things out of her mouth and trying to keep her from throwing everything off the table, cabinets, couch, etc. Whooo...this is tough work!!!

This video shows Lola trekking through the house full throttle....on some sort of mission. Of course, I'm never sure what the missions are. I guess if I knew what they were, that would make this parenting thing much easier.

Since Fall has come, all of our leaves are falling which I love, however, with that comes a mess. Anytime we open a door in our house, all the leaves blow in. Lola LOVES them!!! She'll put the leaves in her mouth and is also known to hold them there for 30 minutes or so. Seriously!!! Kind of like a squirrel...maybe she has been taking lessons from the squirrels around our house...there are enough of them that's for sure. Anyway, she'll put one in her mouth when we're not watching and then later (who knows how long) we'll discover something in there and a leaf is usually the culprit. It's pretty funny. You'll see in the video that Lola begins hacking something up....that would be a leaf....this one. He, he!!!

Then, we're also trying to teach Lola the terms "no" or "no, no" or "uh uh" but it's been a challenge. We've found it's a fine line as we want her to explore but we also need to teach her what not to do. Oh, the trials and tribulations of being a parent. Anyway, it is clear in this video that she clearly understands what "no" means but still takes it upon herself to push us on the subject (We'll go into more detail about this in another blog...we think we may have a stubborn/hard-headed little girl on our hands...wonder where she gets this from?). This video cuts off before your able to see the final outcome but here it is in a "nutshell"...she ended up pulling the glass down and spilling water everywhere (i.e. not minding her lovely parents). It's all a work in progress....

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