December 1, 2008

A crazy couple of weeks....

It's been a crazy couple weeks. Clay was sick, then Lola was sick, then I was sick, then Clay was sick again. Oh my!!! It all started with a little bout of diarrhea and throw up (I hate these terms but have to use them in order to get the full story across). And, it was Clay that started it all(Sorry Clay). Then Lola got the stomach bug (much better term) which in turn caused her to have a HORRIBLE diaper rash AGAIN. It was all terrible! I hated seeing Lo this sick. Since she had the horrible diaper rash, we would let her go diaper free trying to make her feel better. Of course, that meant we had a lot of cleaning up to do as baby girl's stomach was not quite right. You probably get the picture but just in case you don't there was lots of poop clean up. Poor thing!

The worse part of all the sickness was definitely the diaper rash. I don't wish this on anyone or anything.....not even the worse person in the world. Well, I could maybe think of one or two people that deserve it but those peeps will remain nameless. Lola would just cry and shake when we had to change her diaper. We got to the point where we would just stick her in the bath and hose her off. It was rough!!!

THEN, on top of this, she got another sinus infection that turned real bad. During all of this, we went to the doctor several times. The doctor kept saying that she didn't want to give her an antibiotic prematurely. I completely agree with this as we don't want to shove medicine down Lo's throat if it's not necessary. This is one of the reasons why we chose this doctor. They tend to have the same theory we have on medicine. But, when your baby is sick, it is sooooo hard to hold out.

After a week of the sinus infection, Lola got worse! She was crying all the time, not sleeping, she would wake up to her eyes matted shut and the only thing she wanted to do was snuggle(this was so sweet). It all got worse over the weekend of course. Why is it they always seem to hit rock bottom on the weekend when the doc office is closed??? So, I took her to one of those 24 hr facilities. Very interesting experience to say the least (Yes, while we waited, there was a domestic dispute that involved cops and all). Also, it's very hard to keep a 9 month old baby entertained in the waiting room for 2 hours (especially when you don't want her to touch the floor, chairs, etc....yuck). To make a long story short, after almost 9 days of being sick, she ended up having an ear infection which was causing her major pain, therefore, the cries and no sleep came along with that. So, after everything, we had to put her on an antibiotic.

Lola is doing great now!!! Attached above are some pics of baby Lo when she was sick. It was really so sad and pitiful. And, this picture below was what we had to deal with afterwards (i.e brattiness /temper tantrums).

For that week or so that Miss Lo was sick, she was pretty much coddled nonstop. So, when she finally got well, it was back to our old ways....she didn't like that very much. She wanted to be held all the time. We have finally broke her of that and we're trying to get her sleeping through the night again. It seems right when you get them sleeping 12 hours something happens that throws it off. It's all never ending isn't it?!?!?!? We're just glad Lola is back to her old self...

I've since disinfected the house in hopes that this evil bug STAYS AWAY!!!

I also want to thank everyone that helped us during this hard time. Boy it's tough being a working mom and dad with a sick baby. Lola was out of daycare the entire week so family really pulled through to help us when we needed them. Molly and Ben even took some time off of work to help us out one morning so we could still make our meetings. Thanks to everyone!!! It's much appreciated...we'll always be there for you too!!!

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