December 29, 2008

I'm so far behind...Part II

Ok. I didn't want to overwhelm everyone in one big swooping blog so I decided to break it up (how nice of me). So to continue from the last "I'm so far behind" blog, here we go...
    1. For a while, Lola has been talking away. She started saying "mama" around Labor Day. Of course, back then she didn't really know what she was saying....anyone could have been "mama"....even the postman. Now, she finally realizes that I'm "mama"!!! Woohoo! A couple weeks ago she started saying "dada" too. Both very special moments. Lola also says a real sharp "hi". She'll even take a phone or remote control or any object, put it to her ear and say "hi". Or, anytime she hears a door open, you'll hear her say "hi". She also says "uh oh" all the time now. She'll purposely push something off a table just so she can say "uh oh". We get few other cute little mumbles too but last night topped it all. We were playing with a little puzzle that had farm animals on it. For the rooster, we said "cocka-doodle-do" and she tried to say it...I'm not kidding. The cutest thing you have EVER heard. She's tried it several more times too. It's all almost more than I can take. I can't imagine what we'll feel when she actually starts talking.
    2. About three weeks ago Lola started waving good-bye. Lola has a little friend at school named Victoria (preface: V just turned 1). Every time Victoria accomplishes something (i.e. pulling up, crawling, clapping, waving) Lola will start doing the same thing within a week. We of course think we have a little genius on our hands but I'm sure this is pretty common. So, V started waving good-bye a month ago or so and low and behold about a week later, Miss Lo started doing it. I have to say the wave is just as cute as the clapping.
    3. Another big thing!!! About a month ago, Lola learned to stand on her own. Woohoo!!! More than once, I looked over and she was free standing...not holding to a thing! Then, she wouldn't just fall, she would actually then let herself down. It's pretty impressive!!! And again....soooo cute!!! Now, she has attempted to take a step but hasn't quite accomplished it yet. However, I think it could come within the next couple weeks or less. Oh, that will be a whole new phase. I'll of course be thrilled when Lo reaches this milestone but not sure that I'm looking forward to the "chase". It's already hard enough with her crawling (especially now that she has the quick take-off). I can only imagine what it will be like when she is tearing off on her feet...Whew...scares me to think about it.
    4. Lola's hair is growing so fast these days. We're going through that "out of shape/straggly" phase right now. However, Lo's hair is now long enough to wear a pony tail (as shown in pic above). Go Lo!!! That's quite a milestone....right?!?!? I can't even do that. I got my hair chopped off about month ago. I needed a drastic change so I went for it! I've really loved and embraced it until I watched the Victoria Secret Fashion Show a couple weeks back and realized that all those women with really hot beautiful bodies (some of them even post-baby...still don't understand this) had long beautiful hair. Now, I want my hair back so I can be a "sex-pot" like them. Anyway, since taking this pic, I've given Lo her first trim. We saved the precious curls. we're really making some headway with the countdown now. I have to say, it's been a little exhausting. Plus, I just know I'm missing some stuff . We only have "I'm so far behind...Part III" left and then we'll be all caught up. After that, I'll have to make sure to stay up to date with all the fun going on in our house. Miss Lola is something else...she really brightens my life everyday.

Thanks to everyone who sent me emails, text messages, phone calls, etc telling me you missed the blog when I was on my hiatus. Sometimes I think I'm writing this only for myself to read but it's good to know I have some loyal readers out there. I'll try not to let you down again.

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